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Post Rhinoplasty: Will my Nose Ever Go Back to Normal?

I had an open rhinoplasty 7 months ago...when the cast was taken off, my nose looked like the first picture, then it has been looking like this for... READ MORE

How Long Will a Silicon Implant In Nose Last?

How long will a silicon implant in nose last? Can the nose get back to the original shape after removal of the implant? How long does it take to... READ MORE

Korean Rhinoplasty - Concerning Nose Bridge Augmentation Material

Hello I'm Korean male with bulbous nose tip and low nose bridge and it's wide at the same time. 50% of Korean doctors recommend silicone for... READ MORE

Nasal Septum and Nose Tip Implant Shift

My nose tip and bridge were both redefined with grafts from my nasal septum 4 years ago. I noticed after a year that both my tip and nasal septum have... READ MORE

Do You Think I Have an Infected Nasal Bridge Implant?

I had a rhinoplasty+alarplaty w/silicone implant 6yrs ago.I didn't encounter any problem not until last 7wks when i started having a watery... READ MORE

Visible Nose Implant After Rhinopalsty

Each day, I believe I can see the implant at the tip of my nose and when I smile, the implant is even more obvious. My tip feels like it is extremely... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty - Recovery Time for Implant?

I am have very low bridge and bulbous nose tip. I am planning on having rhinoplasty to fix it. How long will the recovery for med implant? I am... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty Plus Chin Augmentation (photo)

I'm considering a rhinoplasty to decrease the size of my nose along with chin augmentation to compensate for my weak chin. I have an overbite, but... READ MORE

Can my Crooked Nasal Implant Be Fixed?

I've had a prosthetic put in my nose and it's beginning to look crooked. What can be done? READ MORE

Doctor Refused to Give Me Rhinoplasty, Is This Normal? (photo)

I went to a plastic surgeon and he told me that my nose is nice and he outright refused me told me to go get someone else.I don't like my nose... READ MORE

Graft in Tip is Showing Through Skin? Is It an Implant? 6 Months Post Op Rhinoplasty

My surgeon and I did not discuss any sort of implant but 6 months post op I appear to have a small, circular implant on my tip that sometimes shows in... READ MORE

I Just Had Paranasal Implant and Want to Have It Removed Asap!

It was a miscommunication or my doctor didn't explain it to me clearly. I realized there was an implant right under and across the base of my nose... READ MORE

Nasal Silicone Implant Removal Incision and Scar?

I am 4 hours post-op from a nasal silicone implant removal due to extrusion and infection. Had the L-shaped implant surgery done in Asia and after 5... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Use Septal Cartilage for the Nose Bridge/dorsal Augmentation?

I don't want to use foreign material like silicon or gortex, but rib graft rhinoplasty is so much more expensive. I'm Asian, so I don't think a really... READ MORE

Implant Shifting After Rhinoplasty - Normal?

I won't be able to see the surgeon until next week. I have to ask if shifting after getting rhinoplasty normal? I have an implant and the tip is... READ MORE

Deviated Nasal Implant - Can a Filler Help?

About 8 yrs. ago I had a rhinoplasty in which the surgeon put in an L-shaped implant in my nose. That implant has shifted slightly to the left over... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty With Silicone Bridge Aug- When Would Potential Infection Occur?

I recently had a rhinoplasty with silicon bridge augmentation. my understanding is with any foreign implant there is a significant chance of infection... READ MORE

Is Abcess with Yellow Drainage Signs of Nasal Implant Infections? (photo)

I had my silicone nasal implant 10 yrs ago. But 2 months ago until now, I developed a huge pimple that look like abcess with a yellow puss coming out.... READ MORE

Bizarre Recurring Swelling in Last 3rd of Nose with Nasal Implant

I had a small silicone nasal implant inserted to help breathing and increase dorsum about 13 months ago. About 2 months ago I woke up with the last... READ MORE

Can Chronic Sinus Headaches Without Congestion Be a Symptom of an Infected Implant?

I had a functional rhinoplasty in May to repair a deviated septum and for the last month, I've had chronic headaches that nothing will relieve.... READ MORE

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