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How to Treat Hypertrophic Scar After Closed Rhinoplasty?

Hi, I had a closed rhinoplasty 9 months ago- though I am pleased with the result, a raised pink scar has formed at the incision site inside my nostril... READ MORE

What Should I Ask an ENT Doctor Before Deciding to Get Rhinoplasty?

I'm planning to have surgery with an ENT doctor next month. He is fixing my deviated septum, my fractured nose (closed) and turbinate hyper trophy... READ MORE

Alarplasty 5 months post op, hypertrophy scars need steroid injection? (photos)

Hi, I had an Alarplasty operation 5 months ago and one side developed a hypertrophic scar. I have been using Dermatix for 2 months and switched to... READ MORE

I'm 27, Female. Should I be worried about excessive scar tissue/contracture following rhinoplasty? I have Dupuytren's. (photos)

I had surgery 19 months ago on my palm. This exacerbated a Dupuytren's diasthesis and I had significant scarring. My finger contracted 26 degrees in... READ MORE

Trapdoor/hyper tropic scar tissue on the tip of my nose- WHAT CAN BE DONE ?

I have decided to do rhinoplasty to address a bulbous tip + deviated septum. UNFORTUNATELY, I have trapdoor/hyper tropic scarring at the tip which I... READ MORE

Stuffy nose, can't break laying down, hypertrophic scars, headaches and pressure at 7 weeks. Is this normal? (photos)

I had a primary rhinoplasty 7 and half weeks ago. I have congestion and pressure headaches every day. I have bad hypertrophic scarring inside my... READ MORE

I have a mild hypertrophic scarring skin problem, but I really don't like my nose.

Just wanted to get a doctors' view on the topic if its a good idea. or if there is any alternatives.. because i really wanna fix it. READ MORE

I had left inferior turbinate hypertrophy and want to remove it? (Photo)

I had a left inferior turbinate hypertrophy and I want to remove the hypertrophy part totally how much will it cost for the removal? READ MORE

My nose is bleeding after 3 surgeries. Is this normal?

Hi befor 2 week i make 3 surgry for my nose dehump nsd to left I.T hypertrophy today i blow bit hard right side of nose is bleeding not much but... READ MORE

Concha hypertrophy after rhinoplasty, is this temporary?

Hi, i had rinoplasty 18 days ago but I have difficulty breathing in my left nostril, I noticed that my left nostril has conked growth. Is this... READ MORE

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