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How is Rhinoplasty in Hispanic Patients Different Than in Other Patients?

I've read in other places on this site that rhinoplasty surgery is different for certain ethnicities so I'm wondering, is rhinoplasty surgery... READ MORE

What Cosmetic Surgery Will Make Me Look More Hispanic or Have More Angles in my Face? (photo)

Ive been looking into getting a nose job and eyelid surgery.a few other things too. id like to know what surgery would make me look more READ MORE

The Bridge of my Nose Looks Thicker on the Left Than on the Right!!!

I am a hispanic pt. 7 weeks post open rhinoplasty and the bridge of my nose looks thicker on the left side making it seem not centered..and also it... READ MORE

Fraxel Restore - Safe After Rhinoplasty?

I had Rhinoplasty 8 months ago and since developed hyperpigmentation (redness & darkening) on my nose. It's only on the lower half, but... READ MORE

I'm 30 Years Old and I Can't Even Smile Because when I Do My Nose Hooks Down and Gets Wide?

Hi, I'm a 30 year old hispanic and I'm a little unhappy with my nose. I can't even smile, because when I do, my nose hooks all the way down and gets... READ MORE

What is the Average Cost for Rhinoplasty on a Hispanic Female?

(Rhinoplasty regarding a broken nose as a kid, that is really crooked now) READ MORE

What facial surgeries/procedures can I get to look less Hispanic? (Photos)

Hi doctors, I'm 21 from Texas & I always get asked if I'm Mexican, which would be fine if I was..but my family's from Romania . I was wondering what I... READ MORE

I'm Hispanic/Italian and have a bulbous tip & flared nostrils. Will getting a nostril reduction effect my breathing? (photos)

I'm Hispanic/Italian and I have a bulbous tip and flared nostrils. I've been wanting to get my nose done but I'm terrified that it I get nostril... READ MORE

What can I do to make my nose more feminine? (photos)

I've always thought my nose is a very weird shape. I'm a 21 yr old Hispanic female with a small forehead and heart shape face. From the front I don't... READ MORE

Can a nose's alar naturally reduce when the bridge and tip is refined? (photo)

I am a Hispanic woman that would like not only her nose refined, but her nostrils reduced. The doc I saw said he would decide about reducing the... READ MORE

I am three months post op tip plasty and my alar rim isn't shaping correctly like the left side. Is revision needed? (photos)

So I notice that my left side healed up nicely and my right always gave me trouble since day one my ps even says that he pulled & had issues with the... READ MORE

My nose has a hump and droops at the tip. On average, how much would the procedure cost, roughly, to be fixed? (photo)

I am of the Hispanic decent. I get my nose from my father. The hump is throughout my whole nose, and the tip droops down very noticeably. On average,... READ MORE

26 years old Hispanic girl, with a wide, undefined and uneven nose. (photo)

I'm 26 years old Hispanic girl, I have a wide, undefined and uneven nose. My nostrils flare when i laugh and I feel my nasal bridge is a bit low, I'm... READ MORE

How can I reduce the size of my nose? It is too wide for me! (Photo)

Im 22 yr old hispanic male. my nose started growing after my 15th birthday, i remember when i had a small and pretty nose at the age of 12 but now it... READ MORE

Likelihood to end up with a piggy nose? (Photo)

Hello, I am a Hispanic female possibly having a rhinoplasty. My surgeon(based on photos only) told me that he would refine the tip of my nose, lower... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for a rhinoplasty if the changes I am looking for are minimal? (Photo)

Hello, I am hispanic woman. I do not have any issues with my nose; however, i am considering a rhinoplasty only if i'll smooth my features/look... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty; are my expectations too high? (photos)

When I was young I was badly beaten and I have hated my nose since! It is thick over the bridge which gives my eyes a sunken look. It has a hump and a... READ MORE

I want a narrow nose that's more Hispanic looking. What do to you think will fit me? (Photo)

Should I go with filter or the surgery.. I just really want something that fits me!! READ MORE

Am I at loss finding a doctor to work on my nose? (Photos)

My nose is very different I am Hispanic but somehow relate more to African American nose. with that been said is there any doctors out there that can... READ MORE

I'm Dominican but I want to look Asian/Black. Is it possible to have plastic surgery to look like my favorite pornstar?

Hi, I'm 24 have never felt pretty my whole life and is bc I'm not attractive. It kills me inside that I have to live this way. I'm Dominican but I... READ MORE

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