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Nostrils Show After Rhinoplasty - Will This Change Once Swelling Reduces?

I had a rhinoplasty 2 weeks ago to date and I am extremely worried about the initial results. My nose seems too high, round and my nostrils are... READ MORE

Nose Tip Too High After Rhinoplasty

Hi. I had my rhynoplasty done 3 days ago. I still have cast on but I see the tip of the nose is way too high. Im just nervous it will stay like this.... READ MORE

One of my Nostrils is Higher and Less Attached Than the Other. Can This Be Fixed?

In the attached picture, I made sure there was no uneven lighting and that I was facing the lens straight on. READ MORE

Will my High Bridge Reduce over Time?

My open Rhinoplasty operation took place 16 days ago in NY by a Top Surgeon. I love his work, however, at the moment, I think my bridge seems a little... READ MORE

Is my Nose Bridge Too High, and Too Big OR It is Just Swelling at the Moment? (photo)

Hi,I had a Rhinoplasty surgery at 6 days ago.After I got home I found my nose bridge(between eyes) is real high,and my face looks really weird since... READ MORE

Post Rhinoplasty: Nose Sits Too High on Face

I had open rhinoplasty two weeks ago. Bump was removed and the tip was narrowed and tilted. Now my nose sets too high from my face . Too much space... READ MORE

Tip Raised Too High, Nostrils Are Showing Too Much! Can It Be Fixed? (photo)

I had an open rhinoplasty 3 weeks ago. My doctor removed a hump, narrowed the bridge, and raised the tip. After the cast was removed it looked good to... READ MORE

Is One Nostril Higher Due to Swelling or Bad Rhinoplasty?

I am almost 7 weeks post op and I have noticed since week 3 that my left nostril has a slit like triangular appears and is higher, while my right... READ MORE

I Got Open Rhinoplasty 3 Weeks Ago Still Have 2 1/5 Cm High Bridge Like a Parrot Nose and Irregularities Contour? (photo)

I am scared with that nose i wonder how much such a high bridge can get absorb i feel my doctor should fix it as sooon as he can but he said to wait... READ MORE

What is Classed As a High Radix? (photo)

I was wondering what height is considered a high radix Does the nose on the photo have a high radix? READ MORE

Closed Rhinoplasty - Tip Raised Too High

I had a closed rhinoplasty ten days ago, and my tip seems too high. The PS said he would raise it slightly, but it seems to have been overdone. I... READ MORE

What Happened to my Eyelids After Rhinoplasty?

I'm a quarter korean. I'm annoyed because my nasal bridge's too high to fit my face.it also has a bump.(& I'm 17) Besides,I've... READ MORE

Can Sutures in the Nasal Tip Be Reversed or Altered?

I had Rhinoplasty 2 weeks ago to remove my dorsal hump & also have my bulbous tip refined. My nostrils were very visible before surgery and I... READ MORE

How do I avoid getting the uplifted triangular shaped nostrils I see so often on westernized Asian rhinoplasties? (photos)

My nostril holes are already slightly high and lifted, I certainly want to avoid the pig nose and unnatural triangular shaped nostrils. Is it possible... READ MORE

I Have a Nose Job 1 Month Ago. It is a Little High and Tip is Still Long? (photo)

I had A high bone bridge with long tip, now I my bone brige is better but I feel its a little high and my nose tip is still long what should i do, is... READ MORE

Confused About Rhinoplasty Results

Im kind of confused to what my surgeon did. I had a bump that i wanted to be shaven down and the tip just needed to be lifted a little. Right now i... READ MORE

Is my nasal bridge too high post op? (photo)

The 1st picture is what I showed to my surgeon I wanted, the 2nd is what it looks now-1 week post op.It seems to me that the bridge is too high, which... READ MORE

Any Chances That my Retracted Right Nostril Will Lower or What Can I Do to Look Better? (photo)

Hello,it`s been almost one month since i had an open rhinoplasty+ septoplasty. Yes my nose is still swollen, but not as much as I expected. My... READ MORE

I think my nose tip is very high? (photo)

I got a rhinoplasty to remove a hump about 5 days ago, I still have the cast but I think my tip looks too high is there any chance that it will come down? READ MORE

How much can my nose be reduced? Can someone please answer before my consultation which is in a few days. (photo)

Sorry for the overly edited pictures. I have a large bulbous nose, it's very wide and high. The nostrils stretch beyond my eye line especially when I... READ MORE

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