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Possible to Change Height / Vertical Length of Nose?

Is It Posible to Change Nose Height? Vertical Length... READ MORE

Am I a Good Candidate for These Rhinoplasty Procedures? (photo)

I would like to get cosmetic surgery to reduce my dorsal hump and possible Radix reduction. Would I be a good candidate for these procedures? Would I... READ MORE

When Osteotomies Are Used to Push the Nasal Bones Together Does This Lower the Dorsum Height?

Hello, I had rhinoplasty to remove a small hump from the bridge of my nose. The surgeon did this without making osteotomies- the hump was just filed... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty for Asian with Asymmetric Nose

I am an Asian female with a asymmetrical/tilted nose. I am thinking about rhinoplasty surgery to highen the bridge of my nose. What kind of implant... READ MORE

Is There Any Way to Lower the Nasal Bridge and Nasion Radix of Nose? (photo)

The nasal bridge and height of nasion radix of nose is high as my face is flat and doesnt match along with face. It has really become an nightmare for... READ MORE

Heightening Nasal Bridge?

Does solely heightening the nasal bridge (of a scooped bridge ) give the appearance of less projection? What are the perceived effects? READ MORE

What Are my Options for Shortening the Vertical Height of my Nose Without Tip Rotation? (photo)

Without rotating the tip of the nose what are my opinions for shortening a long nose? (radix to bottom of nose) Could you please explain the process... READ MORE

Possible to Increased Dorsal Height and Reduce Tip Size at the Same Time?

Trauma has left me with inner and outer valve collapse and cartilaginous saddle deformity couple with a deviated septum and fractured tip cartilage,... READ MORE

Asian Rhinoplasty / Implant

Hi Doctors, If one wants to increase the height of his nose bridge together with lengthening the tip, would a single piece of implant be necessary or... READ MORE

What is the best way to increase Dorsal Height and lengthen and create a defined tip?

Can rib cartilage be used alone to increase dorsal area of nose and also help to lengthen and create a defined tip. Or should I use implant for dorsal... READ MORE

Does the Height of the Nasal Dorsum Have a Relationship with Cheekbones?

My nasal dorsum is quite high relative to the nasi on and tip. If the elevation of my dorsum is brought down will that affect how the cheekbones look... READ MORE

Fracturing the Nasal Bones Will Affect the Height of my Nose?

Considering that I don't want to reduce the height,I don't want to get rid of the hump , I only want to realigh the nasal bones so they can be... READ MORE

Filler to Mimic a High Implant in Rhinoplasty

I had a rhinoplasty with a silicone implant in the bridge a year ago with no issues. however, i feel like the implant is still too low in my bridge... READ MORE

Simultaneous Dorsal Heightening and Narrowing

Dear Doctors, would I be able to have my nose bridge narrowed before heightening it with an implant, all in a single operation or is this impossible?... READ MORE

Should I Chose This Doctor? (photo)

Attaching a before -after picture of a person who seems having similar case as mine, but even after the surgery the nose height does not look good,... READ MORE

Can nasal height be reduced by maxilla shortening? (photos)

Hi, If someone has vertically long nose and face, can nose be shortened by shortening maxilla bone? Thanks. READ MORE

Weight and height requirement for rhinoplasty?

I just tried to book a consultation for lenox and was told I needed to be 175 pounds for my 5'4 height in order to get rhinoplasty..I've never heard... READ MORE

Is there a limit to how high a Dorsal Augmentation can be performed using either Silicone or Rib Grafts?

Im interested in increasing the bridge of my nose to its potential but wanted to know which will help me increase it to the max, rib or silicone? By... READ MORE

Can I Restore the Height of my Nose and Some Width by Reversing Osteotomies? (photo)

I had a rhinoplasty 4 years ago to reduce the width of my nose. Medial osteotomies, lateral osteotomies and a greenstick infracture were performed.... READ MORE

Can I Still Do a Revision with Narrowing the Bridge and Add Height to the Bridge? (photo)

I had recently had rhinoplasty. 2 months ago, I did not change the shape of my nose but just add height to the bridge and the tip with both my ear... READ MORE

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