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Rhinoplasty Recovery Time and Downtime?

What is the average rhinoplasty recovery time? When should I expect to be able to go out in public after a nose job, and when will the bandages... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty Swelling

I had a Rhinoplasty 3 weeks ago and my nose is still very swollen. How long is it normal to have rhinoplasty swelling after surgery? READ MORE

What is the Protocol for Fixing Newly Broken Nose?

Can the doctor put a cast/splint of some sort to help it heal straight? If not, do I wait for it to heal and then seek plastic surgery to fix it? READ MORE

If I Wait Too Long to Get my Broken Nose Fixed, Will It Heal Incorrectly?

My sister broke my nose about a week and a half ago. Now that we know it's broken, my mom says I can't get and ENT to fix it for another month of so... READ MORE

Dorsal Hump Swelling or Callus After Rhinoplasty?

Three months ago, I had a surgery to correct my nose. It is now smaller and narrower in overall size. However, the dorsal hump area is still... READ MORE

How Long is Healing Period for Rhinoplasty?

My doctor says that in 3-4 weeks after Rhinoplasty, that the nose is about 85% of the way it's going to look. Is this true? The doctor has 14 years... READ MORE

How Much Downtime Should I Expect After Rhinoplasty Surgery?

I am a professional model and obvously would like to know how much time it is going to take to heal before i can go back to work? READ MORE

Exercise After Rhinoplasty...When is it Okay To Do Intensive Cardio Workouts?

I am a 24 year old female and am having a little work done on my tip and the "scrapping" off some nasal cartilage. I normally do weights 3X... READ MORE

Columella-How Much Does It Shrink over Time After Open Rhinoplasty? (photo)

Is the columella is the last to minimize in swelling/ also the least to shrink after surgery? I told my DR. prior to surgery that I really didn't want... READ MORE

Does the Nose Become Smaller As Scar Tissue Matures?

I had an open Septorhinoplasty 19 weeks ago to straighten and narrow my nose, and to define my tip. So far, I'm not too satisfied with my result.... READ MORE

Is Nasal Hump Reduction a Simple Procedure?

Hi! I am a 20-year-old female. I have come to the conclusion that the only thing I don't like about my nose is the nasal hump. I wouldn't say the hump... READ MORE

How Long After a Rhinoplasty Does the Face Look “normal” Again?

I understand that you won’t see the full results of a nose job for almost a year after the surgery. But what I’m wondering is when does the face loo... READ MORE

2 Months Post Septoplasty/Rhinoplasty: Is it Normal to be This Swollen?

I am 2 months post-op & nose is large, droopy, lost shape, and not healing evenly. I know there is swelling but I have yet to find photos on... READ MORE

What Is Typical Alar Base Reduction Healing Time?

I'm about to get an alar base reduction and I was wondering what the average healing time is? I'm concerned because I have about 8 days after... READ MORE

One Nostril Not Healing Properly After Rhinoplasty

I had Rhinoplasty done almost two weeks ago and I have noticed that one nostril is healing propertly, but the other is not. It can be seen on the... READ MORE

Is the Nasal Tip Asymmetry Likely to Heal with Time?

I am just over 20 wks postop (open septo-rhinoplasty). Had a hump removed, bridge thinned, and the tip slightly elevated and substantially thinned.... READ MORE

How Long to Wait to Get Nose Pierced After Rhinoplasty?

I had my surgery one week ago and am wondering how long I should wait for it to heal before getting it pierced? READ MORE

The Healing Process is Very Slow After Alarplasty? (photo)

I have undergone for alarplasty 1 month ago last july 21 2012 and after 9 days i applied make-up but b4 applying make-up i used dermatix ultra anti... READ MORE

Nose Exercises to Help Maintain Results After Rhinoplasty?

I am post-op 9 days and had the cast off yesterday everything looks good how can i keep the nose from shifting? i've heard about nose excersices to... READ MORE

Can I Workout the Day Before Surgery?

I'm currently personal training and have surgery scheduled for next Wed. My trainer wants to train Monday and Tuesday before I am going to be down... READ MORE

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