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Cut Post Auricular Muscle

#1 I had my post auricular muscle cut when my doctor brrowed cartilage for my revision rhinoplasty. After the cutting of this muscle, my ear set back... READ MORE

Can Ethnic Rhinoplasty Be Performed with Hairline Lowering? If So Would That Knock the Price Down a Bit.

Can Ethnic Rhinoplasty Be Performed with Hairline Lowering? If So Would That Knock the Price Down a Bit. READ MORE

How long after one cosmetic surgery may I have another?

Hello, I am planning a rhinoplasty surgery soon, and wish to have hair line lowering surgery after as well. Is it possible to have both surgeries done... READ MORE

Bulbous nose tip, 20 year old female and hairline; I hate having a nose like this! (Photos)

I don't like most of my appearance one of the most main reasons because of my nose. (I look way better in real life then in photos) My tip of my nose... READ MORE

What are my best options for Rhinoplasty? I would like to look more feminine. Thanks! (photos)

I am 18 years old, no prior surgeries. I am also considering bringing my hairline forward to make my face less long. I would like to know where I can... READ MORE

What is the minimum age for rhinoplasty and hairline lowering?

I'm 15 years old, and I want to go on rhinoplasty and hairline lowering really much. I just want to know what is the minimum age for me to undergo? READ MORE

Please help, I feel ugly. Are my goals possible? (photos)

The pictures at the end show my goals. Is this even slightly possible to get close to. So depressed with looking ugly.Hello and thank you for your... READ MORE

What plastic surgery work do you recommend for me? (photos)

I was thinking about hairline lowering and rhinoplasty to align my nose. READ MORE

Can I get the list of these surgeries at once?

Can I get a rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty, Botox on my 11's, forehead smooth shaving, lower hairline surgery, lower blepharoplasty, mid face lift, upper... READ MORE

I am looking for rhinoplasty and hair transplant. Which one should I do first, or does it not matter?

Will getting a stable hairline affect the frame of the face and therefore, what the aesthetic of nose...? READ MORE

Endoscopic Brow Shave and Rhinoplasty?

I feel that the angle of my nose leads to the more prominent flop of my forehead, coupled with a heavy brow bone and a high hairline. What are the... READ MORE

What do I need done? I have a receded hairline, my nose is crooked

I truly believe I am one of the least physically attractive human beings to have ever existed on earth. Every single thing about my physical... READ MORE

What do I need to get done to look pretty? (Photo)

My mum and her friends had recommended i have plastic surgery and my parents have told me i should get my nose done. I have quite a low nose bridge.... READ MORE

Quote please: rhinoplasty chin jaw reduction hairline lowering eyebrow lift

Hello I am wanting rhinoplasty to make nose smaller, jaw reduction To make less square chin reduction of fat pads my chin bone is small my fat pad is... READ MORE

I need a fabulous surgeon who specializes in Rhinoplasty and can also lower my hair line? (photos)

I am just looking for the best plastic surgeon in the country who specializes in both of these.. If I need to find two separate doctors that is okay... READ MORE

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