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Pros and Cons of Grafting in a Nose Job

What are the pros and cons of using grafts in the nose esp in regard to tip work in a rhinoplasty? are grafts safe to use with low risk or is it... READ MORE

Is a Spreader Graft Necessary to Fix Nasal Valve Collapse?

I had a previous rhinoplasty where a dorsal hump was removed leaving me with a collapsed internal nasal valve. The doctor said he would use a closed... READ MORE

What is a Graft and What is It Used for in Rhinoplasty?

I don't know what is meant when doctors talk about grafts...what are they and what are they used for in rhinoplasty? READ MORE

Visible Graft After Rhinoplasty

I had rhinoplasty abt 2 mnths ago &although there is still some swelling, there is a small bump sticking out on middle part of my nose where a... READ MORE

Is Adding Grafts to Nose Tip Safe?

Would it be safe to add tip grafts (ear/rib) to increase the length and sharpness of the nose tip, without making it bulky because I have thick skin? ... READ MORE

Adding Rib Graft to Make Nose Bridge Larger?

I had Rhinoplasty and my surgeon cut the nose and made my bridge small. If I want it larger, is there a way to ADD a rib graft? Or would it have to be... READ MORE

Septum Cartilage Grafts to Lengthen Tip?

Can you use septum cartilage to lengthen the tip or does it have to be ear or rib? It'd be about a millimeter and how do you turn the tip down a... READ MORE

Preventing Further Aging Nose

Unfortunately I have a drooping nose and a wider tip due to a aging nose. I've read that the cause of a aging nose is due to a lack of support of... READ MORE

Glabella/Radix and Philtrum Augmentation

How can this procedure of Glabella/radix and philtrum augmentation be done? Better with done with grafts or fillers? READ MORE

Is It Common That a Fascia Graft for Nose Will Dissolve In Time?

Hello , I had very bad irregularities due to a bad rhinoplasty and as a result I had to have it corrected with fascia grafting . I'm concerned as... READ MORE

How Often Do Cartilage Grafts Warp on Bridge of Nose?

How Often Do Cartilage Grafts Warp on Bridge of Nose? READ MORE

What Is The Difference In Using Bone vs. Cartilage In Rhinoplasty?

Hi what is the difference between bone and cartilage in rhinoplasty and what is used for where. and what is the best option to use when the patient... READ MORE

Planning on 3rd Revision Rhinoplasty, In Your Opinion How Much Risk Involved with Cartilage Graft (photo)?

I'm planning on getting a third revision rhinoplasty but I want to make sure it is my last. My nostrils are a bit pinched and using cartilage from my... READ MORE

Graft in Tip is Showing Through Skin? Is It an Implant? 6 Months Post Op Rhinoplasty

My surgeon and I did not discuss any sort of implant but 6 months post op I appear to have a small, circular implant on my tip that sometimes shows in... READ MORE

Shifting Nasal Obstruction Post Rhinoplasty

I have difficulty breathing post rhinoplasty. There's scar tissue in my nasal passages+ edges of the upper laterals have pierced the skin (can be... READ MORE

Is Skin Graph Necessary in Rhinoplasty?

If so, how much does a skin graph cost? READ MORE

Non Surgical Nose Job After Nose Grafts

I had two nose jobs, the first one destroyed my nose so I had it corrected after 2 months. However, I still feel that my nose is wider, especially the... READ MORE

Is It Absolutely Necessary to Put a Spreader Graft in to Imporve Breathing?

I had one put in but my breathing did not improve. It actually got worse after my grafts collapsed at the top of my nose. Before I had the surgery I... READ MORE

Hump Removal or Radix Graft? (photo)

Hey, I was wondering if I could benefit from a radix graft rather than hump removal? I'm afraid that removing the hump alone will give me too low a... READ MORE

Bulbous Tip and Spreader Graft

If you narrow a bulbous tip and the nostrils, you may encounter nasal obstruction (afterwards), but that could fixed by a spreader graft. I read a... READ MORE

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