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Does my nose have pollybeak deformity? Is it just swelling? (Photo)

I had an open rhinoplasty about 2 months ago and since the cast was removed my nose shape hasn’t basically changed.My tip feels very hard and when I a... READ MORE

What Can Make the Lower Lateral Cartilage Area of my Nose and Tip Look Fuller?

My PS removed much of my lower lateral cartilage and sutured my tip to refine my very bulbous nose. It is now much too narrow and pointy for my mid... READ MORE

Supratip Fullness 3 Weeks Post Op? (photo)

Hi all, I had closed rhinoplasty 3 weeks ago to remove hump and raise the tip (ie roman nose originally). I am however slightly concerned that the... READ MORE

Supratip Fullness?

After my first rhinoplasty i had fulness on my tip.i was told it was due to excessive lower lateral cartilage on one side.i went through a revision... READ MORE

Supra Tip Fullness 1 Month Post Op?

Hello!! When the cast came off 1 month ago my profile looked great but now it looks a little like a polly beak. When i run my finger from the top of... READ MORE

Is this supra tip fullness or swelling? (photos)

I got rhinoplasty 35 days ago and notices that my tip is really swollen. Is this supra tip fullness or is this swelling and will go away within time?... READ MORE

Why Did my Side Profile Change After I Took my Splint off?

Hi, I had a septorhinoplasty done two weeks ago. I also has the tip rotated so that it no longer droops. I am of Lebanese descent and my PS told me... READ MORE

6.5 months since rhinoplasty. Nose looks bigger than before and looks like I have supratip fullness (Photo)

Is this supra tip fullness or is it swelling? Doctor said I have thick skin and will take a year but it looks like I have a bump on my supratip.... READ MORE

13 Months PO - tip fullness/retraction (Photo)

13 months PO to correct hooked (Roman) nose - closed op. Now, there seems to be fullness in the tip area and my nostrils are permanently flared into... READ MORE

Straightening nose and hump removal without thinning out the nose? (Photo)

I want to get my nose straightened and the hump removed but I want to keep the fullness of my nose and not have it thinned out due to the osteotomy... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty done several years ago and now I would like to change nostrils only. What is the best way to do this?

Hello I am a Male who had a Rhinoplasty Several years ago and would like to change my nostrils only! Is there a way to change nostril fullness from a... READ MORE

Will osteotomies make the tip appear fuller in theory since the bridge has been moved in closer? (Photo)

I am debating on which way to go with a revision.I am left with a wide nose and scare to do anything drastic for fear of it not turning out again. I... READ MORE

Trimming cartilage from the caudal septum during rhinoplasty. How much is too much?

I had 3mm segment of cartilage trimmed from the caudal septum "to reduce excessive fullness of columellar base" during rhinoplasty. I now have... READ MORE

What surgical options for supratip fullness? (Photo)

One surgeon recently stated that my fullness is due to "a discordance in the degree of projection between the tip and the dorsum." I'm not quite sure... READ MORE

16 days post rhinoplasty and not satisfied with results! Could this be swelling obscuring the results? (Photo)

I know It is still early to judge results, but still I'm concerned especially re the profile.. Had open Rhino+osteotomies. The aim was to reduce the... READ MORE

Is my tip narrowed, pinched and or rotated up? Can I get some of the fullness back and derotate the tip? (Photo)

I asked for my nose bridge to be lowered and I was adamant that I did not want my tip/nose raised. We did a demonstration in his office with the nose... READ MORE

Tip fullness, change of shape, 4mo post op. Closed Rhino. Normal swelling? (photos)

My daughters tip is still firm, I'm hoping the tip reduces as well as the middle portion that hangs down between nostrils. The shape has been changing... READ MORE

Will this supra tip fullness come down? I'm 8 weeks post op (Photo)

So I got a most job almost 8 weeks ago and I noticed that I have supra tip fullness. Is this just swelling and will go away over time?? I do have... READ MORE

What is the likelihood my lip fullness/smile have been altered post rhino and cinch sutures to reduce nostril flare? (photo)

My doc was either going to do an alar reduction or a "stitch technique" to reduce nasal flaring. It ended up being the cinch suture. After my cast was... READ MORE

5 months post op of Rhinoplasty, one side of my nose is elevated and have fullness on the sidewall. Is this normal? (photos)

Now i am 5 months post-operative. i can clearly see that 50 % of swelling has disappeared. still there is internal swelling i have. when i touch my... READ MORE

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