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Can I Get a Nose Job for Free if I Have Been Referred to by a Doctor for my Nose?

I recently broke my nose and had to get surgery to fix it but my cartilage needs to be reconstructed so I have been referred to a cosmetic surgeon. Am... READ MORE

Could I qualify for a free nose job? (Photo)

Okay so I'm just gonna start off saying I'm very insecure about my nose. It has a bump in the middle and a bulbous end. If u look at it from a low... READ MORE

If I Volunteered at a Practice Do You Think a Surgeon Would Give Me a Free Procedure?

I really want a nose job but neither me or my parents can afford it with the high cost of my college tuition. Do you think if I volunteered at a... READ MORE

My surgeon didn't give me the shape of nose I requested. Can I have a second surgery for free?

I want to ask if I can able to ask my doctor to reshape again my nose . because I didn't like the results.he didn't do what I requested . surgery... READ MORE

How can I get my nose fixed for free? (Photo)

I really need it fixed I've talked to doctors about it they say I need a reconstruction that the cartledge in my nose is collapsed and a regular... READ MORE

My Selfestrem is Low Because my of My Nose, Who Can Help Me Afford It?

I just wanna simple Rihnoplasty to bring in the wideness is there someone who can Mabe please donate the procedure please I'm I don't have... READ MORE

Do you think it's possible that I can get a free nose job or one for a low price? (Photo)

Its it possible that i could get a free nose job om 15 and had been bullied before because of my flat nose. In every angle. I really wish to have a... READ MORE

I'm so sorry to ask this 'out loud', but here it is. I suffer from PTSD. Is there a way for me to be a test subject for surgery?

I'm a 49 year old woman with PTSD. This year has been rough because when I look in the mirror, I'm seeing the person who is the cause of my PTSD. I... READ MORE

Is it possible to get a bent septum surgery for free?

My boyfriend has a bent septum, the center of the nose from above looks as if it is pushed to the side. One nostril is also bigger than the other due... READ MORE

My nasal bone had a fracture. Is rhinoplasty the only way for me? WIll it be free if I have NHS support?

My nasal bone had a fracture due to a horrific fall down the stairs hitting the wall. However the nose bone is set now due to hospital making mistake... READ MORE

Do I have a pollybeak deformity? (Photo)

Hi, I had a primary rhinoplasty around 18 months ago. There has been a hard lump in my septum ever since and the septum itself looks enlarged. Also I... READ MORE

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