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Breathing Problems and Cracking Noise in Nose. What Can I Do? (photo)

Hi, I believe I fractured my nose a long time ago and have been uncomfortable with the shape of my nose ever since. I can only breath through one... READ MORE

Fractured Nasal Bone- How Long to Heal?

I have two small fractures in my nasal bone. Dr. Said it was minor and showed me exactly where the fractures were. They were very small an faint but... READ MORE

Can a 17-year-old Have Rhinoplasty?

I want to have rhinoplasty done to make my nose smaller and fix it up. When I was little, I   had a severe accident on my dorsum. It altered the... READ MORE

How to Massage Nose After Nasal Fracture Reduction

I had closed nasal fracture reduction, due to a broken nose, about 1 week ago. Today I finally got the cast off. To my surpise my doctor kept pushing... READ MORE

Nasal Fracture Closed Reduction Now Bump On My Bridge and Crooked, What Next?

I had a nasal fracture occur and 3 days after the fracture I had a Closed Reduction done by a ENT Dr., now at 3 weeks post procedure I have a hard... READ MORE

How is it Possible that Xray Would Show No Fracture When Another Doctor Told Me There Was One?

I was in a car accident on vacation and i banged my face really bad. My nose had a contusion and i was taken the the ER. The xray showed a old nasal... READ MORE

I Broke my Nose Yesterday. Good Time for Nose Job?

I feel yesterday and broke my nose. I went to the doctor and had xrays done which showed it was fractured. I was referred to an ENT. I have a nose... READ MORE

Can Outfracture / Lateralization of Turbinates Be Reversed?

I had my turbinates outfractured and or lateralized. I think this is giving me tooo much airflow. Is it possible to put them back where they were or... READ MORE

How Long Before I Can Surgically Repair an "Acute Nasal Fracture"

Hi I live in San Fran and had to go to the ER yesterday after I was hit in the nose; I got X-rays and diagnosed with an "acute nasal... READ MORE

How Long Do Fracture Lines Remain Noticeable After Rhinoplasty?

I had rhinoplasty about 3 weeks ago which involved narrowing the nasal bones as well as removing a small hump. I have a narrow dent like spot on just... READ MORE

Will In-office Rasping Widen and Flatten Bridge of Nose Enough?

Fractured nose 9 years ago. Very small bump on bridge, but you can see the outlines of my former bridge which was wider, with clean lines. The old... READ MORE

Deviated Septum from Fracture Long Time Ago. Would Surgery Require Re-breaking The Nose?

When I was child of 4 or 5 (I'm now 50) I was hit in the face with a baseball. It broke my nose. As my folks had inadequate insurance nothing was... READ MORE

What does a fracture of maxillary spine mean for a nose, aesthetically & functionally?

^Especially regarding the nose tip? Also how does a surgeon fix it and how difficult is it? READ MORE

18 Year Old Female, Eleven Days out of Closed Rhinoplasty Concerned with Bumps

I had my walls moved inwards, my septum 'shaved', my dorsal hump removed and some minor tip work. I noticed a small hard 'edge' near... READ MORE

How much of the price would Anthem Blue Cross cover for reconstructive rhinoplasty? I am a 15 y.o female. (photos)

I've fractured my nose twice before and after reading anthems guide lines it seems like I can get reconstructive rhinoplasty. My nose doesn't look bad... READ MORE

What can I do to fix the bent nose? What can I do to make my nose smaller and proportional? Would a procedure help?

I was beaten up by a few guys about a year ago. I received Injuries such a left eye socket fracture and a fractured nose on my upper left side of my... READ MORE

Does nasal fracture and septum make the nose bigger and affect tissues and the tip to drop down?

After a multiple fractures can this affect the nose and tissues to be weaken and soften ? READ MORE

I'm 19 Wks Pregnant and I Believe I May Have Fractured my Nose 9 Days Ago, What Should I Do?

I had light swelling for 3 days followed by light bruising under my left eye & upper nose. By 4th day I noticed upper left side of nose slightly... READ MORE

How long will I need to have my splint on if I'm getting a non displaced nasal fracture fixed?

I broke my nose and it got a little crooked. the break isnt severe but its still a little noticeable. im getting surgery on it a week after the break.... READ MORE

There was a dislocation in my nasal bone and now my nose is slightly curved towards left hand side of my face. (Photo)

It happened 4 years ago, I fell and my nose strike the table edge due to which I had a nasal fracture. It recovered but my nose dislocated towards... READ MORE

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