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What can I do to make my side profile look better? (Photo)

From the front, I look normal besides a little chubbiness in the cheeks even though I am not chubby at all. From the side profile I have no self... READ MORE

3 Weeks Post Rhinoplasty: Are Headaches and Pressure Pains Normal?

I had open rhinoplasty 3 weeks ago and I still have a headache and pressure at the front of my forehead going into my eyes. Is this normal? Daylight... READ MORE

Is It Normal to Have Yellowish Leaking from the Nose and Constant Pressure on Forehead After Rhinoplasty? (photo)

Its been only 3 days after the surgery but i am already tired of this disgusting leaking, no more bleeding but sticky liquid. And cannot easily move... READ MORE

Does Rhinoplasty Affect Eyebrow/forehead Movement?

I have had my splint off for about a week now but still unable to move my eyebrows/feel my forehad. I have seen that smiling may temporary not be... READ MORE

Can forms of neuralgia or nerve pain happen post nose surgery?

I had surgery on my nose 4 months ago (cosmetic and functional). At 5 weeks out I had facial burning (nose and forehead) which moved to scalp, top of... READ MORE

Is it possible to get a more curved / concave nose bridge particularly where the nose joins the forehead? (photo)

I am female and I have a very flat profile, my nose is straight, doesn't protrude much and I don't like how and where it joins my forehead. I want one... READ MORE

Will my L- Shaped Silicone Nose Implant Move Downwards if I Get Botox in the Forehead?

I've had an L- shaped silicone nose implant put in nearly 7 years ago. Just recently I've decided to try botox on the forehead. For the past... READ MORE

Can I have two surgeries at the same time but with two different doctors?

Hello, I want to do a forehead reduction and a rhinoplasty, but I want two different doctors: one who is specialist in forehead reduction and the... READ MORE

4 days post-op - Is this swelling normal? (Photo)

I got out of my surgery 5/21 around 4pm. I had rhinoplasty and a chin augmentation. It's been 4 days and I'm swollen beyond belief. Is this normal or... READ MORE

How to improve my side profile? (photos)

My side profile has always made me feel insecure, not only that I feel when I capture different angles of my nose I don't particularly like it. Ive... READ MORE

Head Tension After Rhinoplasty?

I had a reduction rhinoplasty 2.5 years ago. Too much mass was taken from my nose. It has actually left me with a condition that causes tension in my... READ MORE

What is wrong with my skin after a closed rhinoplasty? (Photo)

Had a closed rhinoplasty 2 weeks ago. About a week ago, my forehead started breaking out. I use benzaclin everyday and tried retin-a a couple days as... READ MORE

Chicken pox pitted scar on nose & forehead/ Rhinoplasty. (photo)

Hi all, My nose is big and I feel attracts more attention to my scar. I would just like to know what are options for my chickenpox scars that would... READ MORE

I feel that as I age I am losing my feminine look. What can I do to achieve a more feminine look?

I feel my face has hallowed, my nose has changed (it used to be perky and it seems to my the tip has a lowered appearance now). My hairline has... READ MORE

What can I do to make my nose more feminine? (photos)

I've always thought my nose is a very weird shape. I'm a 21 yr old Hispanic female with a small forehead and heart shape face. From the front I don't... READ MORE

What procedure lengthen a short face?

I have, in my opinion an extremely short face (I have a medium sized forhead and a good chin/not weak). My nose isn't even 2 inches long! I have done... READ MORE

What to do about the area between my asymmetrical brows and crooked nose? (photos)

I'm a 30 year old male. Between my brows I have an asymmetrical line/indentation which descends from my forehead to the left side of my upper nose. My... READ MORE

Which plastic surgery or injection procedures should I consider? (photo)

Considering rhinoplasty, cheekbone and/or forehead injection I've always liked my face in the mirror, but after seeing thousands of unflattering... READ MORE

Would rhinoplasty help my overall appearance along with forehead reduction? (Photo)

In pictures I have to crop out my forehead I usually look better that way and I can't smile in pictures because of my nose it's so wide and pig like... READ MORE

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