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How Many Follow Up Appointments Are There After Rhinoplasty?

How many follow up appointments are there after rhinoplasty and after how long is each appointment? READ MORE

Out of Town Rhinoplasty: How Many Follow-up Appointments?

I am considering getting a rhinoplasty in August from a doctor that is located 2.5 hours away. I am also starting a teaching job at the end of August,... READ MORE

Why Did my Septum Pop out 10 Days After Surgery?

I had septoPlasty, rhinoplasty , turbinate reduction and adnoidectomy on march 9th. On march 20 th I we t for my follow up and they cleaned out my... READ MORE

13yrs Post Rhinoplasty with no Complications: is a Follow up Still Necessary?

I am a 27 year old female of Korean descent and I had the rhinoplastic surgery (silastic?) completed 13 years ago. I am very happy with my results and... READ MORE

Plastic Surgery Domestically or Overseas?

I am considering rhinoplasty and a bit of facial contouring. I am based out of new york where prices are at a premium for these services, hence that... READ MORE

Nurse Only Follow Up Visit After Rhinoplasty, Is that Normal?

Hi, i am considering a primary rhinoplasty this year. I thought i had picked a good surgeon. i will be traveling 3 1/2 hours away one way for follow... READ MORE

No More Follow Ups Needed After Rhinoplasty Surgeon Said. Normal?

Hi Im 7 weeks post op rhinoplasty and when I went to see my surgeon yesterday he said I would not need to see him for anymore follow ups unless there... READ MORE

What Kind of Examination Do You Plastic Surgeons Generally Perform to Check if the Nose Has Been Damaged?

What will my surgeon examine if I go for a check up? I had rhinoplasty 4 weeks ago and I think I hurt my nose by playing with a Q-tip inside my nose.... READ MORE

What exactly is wrong with my nose tip and nostrils? (photos)

This is a follow up to my previous question. My nostrils appear uneven and the nose tip is shifted. I want to know how to articulate it with my doctor... READ MORE

Normal to only have 10-20 minute follow up appointments with rhinoplasty surgeon?

Hi, I'm currently 5 weeks out of my surgery and whenever I have an appointment with my surgeon it feels very rushed and I barely have enough time to... READ MORE

If a patient is coming in from out of state to do a rhinoplasty. How do follow up work regarding steroid shots?

If a patient is coming in from out of state to do a rhinoplasty. How do follow ups work, more so if they need steroid shots for their nose? Would the... READ MORE

Is it normal to wash off my own cast after rhinoplasty? (Photo)

I had rhinoplasty. They told me that no follow up appointment is necessary and to have a warm shower, and wash the lawyer cast off my nose on day 5.... READ MORE

Followup: I have read about patients experiencing infection in rhinoplasty. Is MRSA or something else a risk? What prevents it?

I have read about patients experiencing infections that alter nasal cartilage or skin in rhinoplasty. How can I doublecheck if my facility or surgeon... READ MORE

Follow-up: More pictures more pics!!! more realistic needs ( I think)!!! HELP! (Photos)

So I have many pictures of both my nose from many different views and various desired noses. I would like to thank all the kind surgeons who answered... READ MORE

Follow-up: What can be done to make my nose more feminine. Would a facelift or Botox also help give me a youthful look? (Photos)

Please comment on my nose and what can be done. I feel it's too fat and definitely not feminine. I also am concerned about the little circles under my... READ MORE

How much do you stay in contact with patients before and after rhinoplasty?

It seems most plastic surgeons nowadays make themselves available to their patients with email, but how much correspondence do you generally engage in... READ MORE

Unless there is an issues is there really a need to attend any follow-up appts??

I had rhinoplasty 2 weeks ago and am very happy with the results. I attended my 10 day follow-up and all seems to be fine. Unless there is an issues... READ MORE

Follow-up: Emotions during a rhinoplasty recovery, is this normal?

I posted a couple weeks back with concerns about my nose after rhinoplasty I didn't think it looked right with my face but now it is settling nicer... READ MORE

Post-op follow up visit protocol?

I'm wondering what the protocol is for follow-up visits. I had open rhinoplasty 6 weeks ago. I was told that unless I was having a problem, there was... READ MORE

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