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How Soon After Rhinoplasty Can I Fly or Exercise?

I am scheduled to have an open rhinoplasty to slightly refine my nasal tip. Is there a certain amount of time I am supposed to wait before flying on... READ MORE

How Soon After Rhinoplasty is It Safe to Fly Home?

If I get a rhinoplasty out of town, how many days must I wait to fly home? Does it depend on the length of the flight? What kind of risks am I taking... READ MORE

I Will Be Flying 2 Days After my Nose Job. The Flight is 3 Hours Long, is This Safe?

Is it safe to take a short flight (3 hours) 2 days after a nose job? I have read that this can cause more swelling and possibly bleeding. Is there... READ MORE

Flying prior to surgery. Is it safe?

I am due to go on holiday 2 weeks before my surgery, returning exactly a week before my rhinoplasty operation. Is it reasonably safe to travel on a... READ MORE

Does Flying Increase Swelling After Rhinoplasty?

If I fly 1 week after rhinoplasty, will my swelling temporarily increase due to the plane flight? READ MORE

Rhinoplasty Travel and Activities 2-3weeks Post Op?

Im thinking of getting rhinoplasty done but i have a holiday booked 2-3 weeks after in barbados. its a 9h flight and I know sun exposure needs to be... READ MORE

Can I Go on a Plane and Themepark Rides One Month After Rhinoplasty?

I have a trip to Disneyland booked in 4 weeks time and Im scared i wont be able to do anything? will I be able to go on themepark rides and the... READ MORE

I Had Rhinoplasty and Chin Implant Last Week. Can I Travel on a 9 Hour Flight Next Week?

It will be 2 weeks and 4 days after my surgery. I will be on a 9 hour flight. Is it Ok? I also want to know when can I lay under the sun after... READ MORE

Is It Bad to Fly 48-72 Hours After Rhinoplasty and Have Another Surgeon Remove Your Splint?

I think I will be flying out of state to have my rhinoplasty (without septoplasty). Part of what is driving up the cost of this procedure for me is... READ MORE

Nose Collapsed in on a Flight - Six Months Post Op?

Following a four hour flight yesterday, returning home I noticed that the skin on a section on the bridge of my nose (halfway) had physically... READ MORE

Can rhinoplasty/chin implant/tummy tuck/liposuction be done at the same time? What will recovery and travel be like? (Photo)

I hope to get a rhinoplasty, chin implant, tummy tuck and lipo. I plan to get all these surgeries done in India by a well known and qualified surgeon.... READ MORE

I just had my tip rhinoplasty yesterday. I'm flying back home tomorrow. My doc wants me to keep the steri strips on for 2 weeks

I went to see my doc after my closed tip rhinoplasty surgery yesterday.he cleaned my my nose and added more steri strips on my nose and asked me to... READ MORE

When is It Safe to Fly After Open Rhinoplasty in Patient with VWD Type 1?

I had open rhinoplasty about three weeks ago and am wondering if I could fly about a month from now. I am nervous about getting on a plane because I... READ MORE

How to travel for Rhinoplasty?

I live in Canada near Vancouver, but so far online I haven't found many doctors before and after pictures that I really like. There's some in LA and... READ MORE

Will I be able to return to normal work after rhinoplasty if I'm a flight attendant?

Will I be able to return to normal work after rhinoplasty if I'm a flight attendant? And much time have to pass after operation to continue to fly... READ MORE

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