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My Nose Bump. Can I Make it Flatter With Pressure?

Can pushing your nose bump down make it flatter since im still really young or is the only real way to remove it surgery.? oh and if i get nose... READ MORE

Can I Make My Nose Bridge Lower/Flatter? (photo)

Hi! I want my nose like asian .is it possible to have like a asian nose(with low nose bridge= (sorry my poor english) READ MORE

I Had a Rhinoplasty and the Results Look Horrible - is There Any Way to Fix This? (Photo)

I had a rhinoplasty 10 days ago. When the cast came off, I couldn't recognize myself in the mirror. Something was off, but I couldn't point... READ MORE

What Would Make my Nose Look Better? (photo)

I've always thought there was something not quite "right" with my nose that I didn't like. I think it's too big or something is... READ MORE

Will Nose Tip Flatten with Added Pressure After Tip Grafting?

During the 10 days follwing my secondary rhinoplasty involving nose-lengthening (and correction of over-exposed nostrils) with septal and ear... READ MORE

Could I have flattened my nose bump by pressing on it? (Photo)

Hi, I had a habit of pressing down on the bridge of my nose hard. It was the only thing I could think to do to get rid of the bump since I was opposed... READ MORE

Can I Get a Wider and Flatter Nose?

My nose is way to slim and pointy. I think if my nose was a bit wider and flatter it would compliment my other features. I always hear people getting... READ MORE

What Are the Bumps on the Bridge of my Nose?

I had primary open rhinoplasty two months ago. Three days after the surgery, my nose was bumped. It didn't bleed but I was still scared. I was in... READ MORE

Is it possible for me to have a flatter and smaller nose? (photo)

I am really unhappy with my nose. I really don't like my nose bridge, it's too high, I think. And I think my nose tip is too long. Is it possible to... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Flatten the Nasal Septum?

I think that is the correct term, but I will explain anyway. It's not the nose bone, nose bridge, bump, hump, etc, whatever your want to the call it.... READ MORE

"Bunched/bunching" Very Noticeable Upper Alarplasty Scars and Uneven Alars: Can These Still Be Fixed? I'm Very Unhappy. (photos)

I've already had these scars for a year 'cause of a failed primary alarplasty (the 3 photos - bottom portion of the collage). After a year, had the... READ MORE

Can I make my nose look more African/Asian? (Photo)

Hello, I'm mixed race but I have a very small pointy nose with small nostrils. Is it possible to make the noses trill bigger my nose flatter and... READ MORE

I had closed rhinoplasty 6 months ago. My tip was rotated and the hump was reduced. Is this swelling? (photos)

There is a bump the appears at the top of my nose (more noticeable at an angle - from the front straight on it looks fine). If I press down on this... READ MORE

Opposite of African-American rhinoplasty, is it possible? (photo)

I have a Caucasian "Greek" nose. I would like to get my nose flattened and widened laterally so that it appears more African or mulatto. How... READ MORE

Should I Go Through with Plastic Surgery?

I have been debating on this issue for 6-8 months now, and I don't know whether to go through with plastic surgery or not. I do not like my high... READ MORE

I want my nose to be wider and flatter. Could rhinoplasty do that? (Photo)

I'm Audrey (16). For as long as I can remember my nose has been a problem. My nasal passage is so small that aften I have to either breathe through my... READ MORE

Do You Think a Rhinoplasty Will Improve my Overall Beauty when I Smile?

When I smile my nose loses it's definition and flattens out and gets wider which looks terrible in pictures because pictures really pick up on it... READ MORE

Low hanging columella and flattened nose. Is it correctable? (photos)

2 year's ago I had an operation for a deviated septum. The columella looks droopy and my once straight nose is all wonky. Any suggestions appreciated? READ MORE

Is it possible for a rhinoplasty to flatten the nose bridge?

Hi, I have a question about rhinoplasty. Is it possible to for a rhinoplasty to flatten the nose bridge? I would like a flatter nose bridge, as mine... READ MORE

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