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My Nose Points and Flares when I Smile, How Can I Change This? (Photos)

When I am not smiling I have this cute button nose, but as soon as I smile my nose flares and overly points it looks awful!! I would like to know what... READ MORE

Flared Large Nostrils After Rhinoplasty

I had rhinoplasty 9 weeks ago. A had a small hump shaved down, my nose bone broken so it would colapse down some, and cartiladge shaved down on the... READ MORE

Will Fixing Nose Tip Also Narrow Nostril Flare?

I have a bulbous tip and my nostrils are flared a little more than I would like (especially when I smile). Apart from that, I like my nose. I am... READ MORE

Alar Batten Grafts

Hello, I wanted to know what exactly does an Alar Batten graft achieve? Also will it make my alar base wider or increase the flare? Will it make the... READ MORE

If You Flare Your Nostrils Will They Get Bigger?

If you constantly flare your nostrils will they stay that way? READ MORE

Can a Nostril Wedge Excision Be Performed on my Nose?

Hi there, I had an open rhinoplasty about 1 month ago now. Bulbous tip reduced, tip rotated upward and Alar base reduced with a Sill excision. After... READ MORE

What Will Make my Nose Look Better?

My Nose is Awful, Big & Bulbous, Crooked, Hanging Columella, Retracted Ala, over Projected & Not Rotated! Please Guide Me!  I DESPISE... READ MORE

Nostil Flaring After Rhinoplasty

Hello I had septorhinoplasty 10 days ago. I can't seem to help but flare my nostrils. I also sometimes wake from sleep wrinkling my nose. I know... READ MORE

Possible to Get a Better Looking Nose but Look Less Attractive?

I have droopy nose tip , a little hump , flaring nostrils and generally unattractive looking nose. But I consider myself good looking from frontal... READ MORE

Does a Paranasal Implant Increase Nasal Flare?

Hello, I was interested in getting a paranasal implant and was wondering whether it would increase by nasal flare? And how/ if it changes the... READ MORE

Had Rhinoplasty 8 Weeks Ago, Nose is Flat and Nostrils Flare, & Looks Shorter, is it Swelling? (photo)

I had my Rhinoplasty almost two months ago, on july 4th it will be 2 months. My nose hasnt changed much at all since 1st month. looks worse then my... READ MORE

Are "Flaring Nostrils" Post Rhinoplasty dangerous?

I am four days post rhinoplasty. I am a very fidgety person and I can't help flaring my nostrils and poking the tip of my nose (i still have a... READ MORE

I Have Flared Nostrils, and my Nose Tip is Bumpy ....could a Nose Job Fix That?

I'm thinking of having a nose job, I want to have a more pointy tip, and less flare it possible? READ MORE

Flared Nostrils After Rhinoplasty- Is It Swelling?

I had Rhinoplasty 3 weeks ago to remove the droopiness, remove the hump, and push back the tip, i find my nostrils are flares out more than they did... READ MORE

Why are my nostrils flared and wide after rhinoplasty? (photo)

I got a primary septorhinoplasty 7 months ago, had dorsal hump removed, deviated septum corrected, my surgeon broke my bones and when i asked he said... READ MORE

Problems That Will Be Faced After Ear Cartilage Graft Rhinoplasty??

I'm going for a Ear cartilage graft rhinoplasty this dec and i would like to know what risk is involved in this surgery? Will my flaring nostril... READ MORE

Unable to Move/Flare Right Nostril After Rhinoplasty: is This Normal?

Ever since I had the surgery, I could not flare my right nostril. 3 months have passed and I am getting worried. is this permanent? did a nerve get... READ MORE

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