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A Firm Point in the Nasal Tip, Is It Permanent?

Hi everyone, I had primary rhino/septoplasty done almost one year ago. I have noticed recently now ( past 2 months) that " most" all the... READ MORE

When taping the cast on at night, how firm should the cast be on the nose?

I'm scared I will damage the shape and make it crooked again. Also one of my nostrils is a little bit bigger than the other. Can this be due to swelling? READ MORE

What can be done to my nose? There's a bump, it's wide, it sticks out, and it's very bulbous. (photos)

There's a bump, it's wide, it sticks out, and it's very bulbous. I'd really like to get something done to it, but I'm worried my face will look wierd... READ MORE

Does Facial RF treatment help in Reducing nasal tip swelling after rhinoplasty?

Hello Doctors, I had a close surgery, bridge augmentation rhinoplasty. 3 weeks post op now. Recovering really well. My doctor advised me that I can... READ MORE

Can Open Rhinoplasty healing take more than a year?

I have done Open Rhinoplasty in January, 2013. in the first few months my nose was really firm and my tip looked bulbous and big. Now, there are minor... READ MORE

Bump on one side of the tip of my nose?

I had my surgery about a week and a half ago, and as the swelling has gone down, one side of the tip of my nose is firm and has a little bump to it.... READ MORE

How firm should a nose be after rhinoplasty in the long term?

I had my primary rhinoplasty procedure over a year ago. It's quite firm, not flexible, I don't like it being knocked even a bit. It has a strut graft.... READ MORE

Will cartilage/skin ever get firm again?

I had a rhinoplasty to fix a broken nose about a year ago and I know people usually ask if the cartilage/skin will soften because it gets hard for a... READ MORE

What kind of procedure would I need for my nose? (photos)

Hi, I have what I believe to be a weak septum, if I just wanted to get it a little more firmer, straight. Would I consider surgical rhinoplasty, or... READ MORE

Should I be worried if the tip of my nose including the septum is still firm 4 years after bilateral septoplasty & rhinoplasty?

I had bilateral septoplasty and rhinoplasty in 2012. They also put a piece of cartilage as a patch on one side of the tip because it was dented inward... READ MORE

Rib graft rhinoplasty. Should a rib graft rhinoplasty to build up the bridge be firm?

Should a rib graft rhinoplasty to build up the bridge be firm. No movement or have any play in it! This is when you touch the graft that was added. As... READ MORE

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