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Lowering Cost for Combined Septoplasty and Rhinoplasty Possible?

I have a Z shaped deviated septum according to the plastic surgeon/ENT and I also am doing Rhinoplasty to remove a hump on my nose. I have no... READ MORE

By What Means Could I Pay for Rhinoplasty, Considering my Limiting Conditions?

I am 18 years of age and do not bear an acceptable credit score. Therefore, I cannot apply for CareCredit. Besides waiting until I acquire enough... READ MORE

Cost and Financing Options for Ethnic Rhinoplasty?

I would like to know the cost and the plans available financial options to pay for Rhinoplasty? How to pay it off? What's the price range? Are there... READ MORE

Is CareCredit a safe financing option?

I would really like to pay for half of my rhinoplasty in cash and the other half I would like to finance but CareCredit seems risky and I have read... READ MORE

Financing, Is Care Credit a Reliable Option?

I have recently opened a CareCredit account and am planning to use it to pay for 1-2 upcoming cosmetic procedures. My main concern is that when I... READ MORE

Timing For Rhinoplasty?

I feel the need to clarify some aspects about my inquiry. I am currently working and would be able to afford my surgery given time. However, I desire... READ MORE

Is a septoplasty with a rhinoplasty cheaper than having just the rhinoplasty? How much cheaper is it? (Photo)

Hi, I have pretty bad self esteem issues due to how I feel about my nose, I honestly think it plays a major part in my depression. Also, what type of... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty question about financing.

To make a long story short I got bullied the first year of high school and never went back I got really bad anxiety and I hate the way my nose looks I... READ MORE

Do Doctors Frown Upon Patients Who Need to Reschedule a Procedure Because of Finances?

I will have 70% of my procedure paid off by next week. I could use more time to pay off the remaining amount but I am afraid to speak up. I feel the... READ MORE

How can I get a loan for Rhinoplasty for surgery in Seattle if I live in Vancouver???

I live in Vancouver, Canada, and have finallly found a doctor that I like just across the boarder in Seattle, I have looked everywhere on the... READ MORE

How drastic would changes be if I got a rhinoplasty? (Photos)

I know surgery is expensive but I do not like how large my nose is. Realistically, how much change could be done to my nose. Would the changes be... READ MORE

How can I get rhino-septoplasty if im not working? Im so desperate, I'll do anything! (Photo)

Ive always had a large witch-like nose and not only is it hard to breathe and im constantly congested, but ive always been teased for it. Im a 20 year... READ MORE

Is there any way to get rhinoplasty cheap or pay it off slowly?

I really want rhinoplasty because it is affecting my self esteem terribly. My parents could probably only afford something around a thousand dollars.... READ MORE

How long after Rhinoplasty do I have to stay in town?

I am planning to have a rhinoplasty in LA in a few months. Financially it's a bit of a strain, so I am trying to plan ahead now. I am wondering what... READ MORE

Finances towards a Rhinoplasty?

Hello, I have been further researching into the process of rhinoplasty and it continues to grow on me. However, being a college student, it is clear... READ MORE

Dorsal hump correction - have I made it worse? (photos)

My nose has a dorsal hump. How do i know if it is not broken? Its been like this for several years .. I used to press down on the bridge growing up... READ MORE

Are there financing options available for elective surgeries?

My nose was broken nearly a decade ago by a very angry person who did not find my wit charming. Considering rhinoplasty now, but curious as how... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty before Jaw Surgery?

I'd like to know, how much or in what way could a lefort 1 impaction to treat vertical maxillary excess affect a nose job prior to having this jaw... READ MORE

I want to get a nose job and possible chin implant. How much is this? (Photo)

Will I required my chin to be done also. So everything looks a little more symmetrical. How much is this and is there financing avaiable READ MORE

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