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Do I Have an Aesthetically Ideal Nose for a Female? (photo)

I have, for some reason, been focusing on my nose lately. I sometimes feel like it would be considered large. If I were a patient coming to your... READ MORE

Supratip Break?

Is it possible to have a straight profile with a slight supratip break? Or is "supratip break" another way of asking for slope? I thought... READ MORE

Is my Nose is Too Big and Masculine Looking for my Face?

I have such a small face and small features, except for my nose. I feel like I should have a cute, petite and more feminine looking nose to fit the... READ MORE

Will Rhinoplasty Make my Face Appear More Feminine?

I've thought about having rhinoplasty for the past 10 years. I have the ability to do it now, and before my real consultation I was hoping for... READ MORE

How Can I Have a More Dainty Nose Without Looking Overdone?

I think the bulbous tip is the main culprit and I'd like to have that corrected. Would I even notice the difference if I just had the tip... READ MORE

Advise on slimming down nose, bulbous tip and creating a more curved feminine profile view. (photo)

The bulbous/wide tip of my nose is the main issue. especially when I smile. Id love a thin nose all the way down with refined tip as opposed to my... READ MORE

Do I need a nose job for a more feminine look? (photo)

I have always disliked my profile. My nose looks okay sometimes, but since I was 12, I despised my profile and desired a little sloped nose. Is it too... READ MORE

How much would this nose job cost? (photos)

I want to get a nose job and I'm only 18. I want to start saving up some money but I was wondering if they're are payment plans I can do. I obsess... READ MORE

How Much Will Rhinoplasty Cost? How Do I Look More Feminine? (photo)

I really hate my nose and my androgynous looks people can't tell if I'm boy or girl My hair is mess but don't look like that anymore I... READ MORE

Can Rhinoplasty help my face to look more feminine? (photos)

Every time I had short hair in my life I expierenced that I was mistaken for a boy / young man. I think that mostly my nose is making my face look... READ MORE

Is it normal to have shock/denial/regret after Rhinoplasty? How long does it take for patients to adjust to their new look?

I am 18 and just had rhinoplasty done a little over a week ago. My splint was removed yesterday. It looks great especially considering how recently... READ MORE

High Tip after Rhinoplasty

Hi- I had Rhinoplasty 9 days ago & it looks like my tip is really too high & my nostrils were taken in a lot. I look like a Who from Dr Seus! I'm... READ MORE

How I can make my nose smaller, looking more feminine, fitting my face? (photo)

I always had problems with my nose. I think it's too big for my face. I have a small face, small lips, small eyes and then a huge nose. I want to know... READ MORE

What can I do to make my face look more soft and feminine? (Photo)

I feel as if the major problem is my nose. Is there anything else going on here that u can address to tone down the rough edges? Thank you READ MORE

Could Rhinoplasty Help Me? (photo)

I am a 23 year old girl & I feel like my nose does not suit the rest of my face. I'd like it to be more refined and feminine looking. It's always... READ MORE

What Rhinoplasty procedure is recommended for me and approximately what price range for this recommended procedure? (Photo)

I want to reduce the dorsal hump with a more sloped look, not just straight. I'd also like to reduce the overall size and width of the bridge. When... READ MORE

Is my nose to large for my face? Or are my lips too small? Or both? (Photo)

I have spent the last 27 years looking at my face and can't figure it out exactly. I love my nose but think it would look better with the rest of my... READ MORE

Is it possible to turn a wide-ish masculine nose into a small feminine nose? (photos)

I've been unhappy with my nose since I was 13. People have told me told me to wait until I'm older so I could grow into my looks. Now that I'm older,... READ MORE

Can you add a feminine curve to the bridge of the nose without making the front shorter and wider?

I am looking to find out if its possible to curve the bridge of the nose without changing the appearance from the front. I understand that it might... READ MORE

How Can my Nose Be Improved?

I consider myself attractive, however I feel that my nose could be refined a bit and made more delicate and feminine. Can any docs give their input?... READ MORE

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