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What is the Surgeon's Average Fee for Rhinoplasty Excluding Facility and Anesthesia?

What is the surgeon's fee for rhinoplasty excluding facility and anesthesia costs? My surgeon is offering a really low price for the surgeon's... READ MORE

Does a Doctor Charge More for a Rhinoplasty if There is More Work Required?

Would a doctor charge more if a patient came in for a cosmetic rhinoplasty and a septoplasty compared to a patient that only came in for cosmetic... READ MORE

I Have a Diagnosed Turbinate and Septum Issue and I Want a Rhinoplasty. Will I Get Fees Waived?

If the situation comes up as a fraud issue then ill have to have the surgeries seperated which is ridiculous. Any ideas? I already I have a... READ MORE

Can I negotiate my rhinoplasty revision fee with my plastic surgeon? How? (photo)

These fees by surgeons are individualized, I need to be able to afford this and not be taken (to the cleaners) advantage of READ MORE

Rhinoplasty and Septoplasty to Improve Breathing?

I am considering having septoplasty to improve breathing and rhinoplasty. After consultation I received a quote of $9,400, including surgeon's fee... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty in the US.

I am interested in having rhinoplasty in the US. I am from the UK originally, and currently living in Australia. The doctors in Sydney are not what... READ MORE

Consultation fee Rhinoplasty NYC?

I have a basic question for rhinoplasty consultation. How much is the average cost of a consultation fee are they free or 250. I don't mind paying it... READ MORE

Can doctors keep a cancellation fee if I didn't sign anything?

Hello, I was recently planning on getting a rhinoplasty but due to work I had to cancel. I had already paid for the surgery and when I called to... READ MORE

What type of rhinoplasty do I need? Cost? (photos)

One side of the bridge of my nose protrudes more than the other& over the years it has gotten worse. My profile is different, one is nice and... READ MORE

How much should Rhinoplasty along with Jaw/Manidibal implants cost together?

I know price varies greatly. I'm looking to get surgery for a broken, large nose with a hook and completely make it straight and nice. I also want to... READ MORE

I'm tired of paying consultation fees, any doctors in TN interested in doing my surgery? (photos)

38 YO, had an accident 20 yrs ago which left me with broken nose. i have paid much for consultations and none were useful bcz most of them don't... READ MORE

Considering a rhinoplasty - preferably in South West England (Bristol area). Where is the best place to start?

Hello! I joined this because I am so unsure about where to start with rhinoplasty. I've seen and read lots of positive reviews about Transform but I... READ MORE

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