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Does Recovering from a Rhinoplasty Feel Like Having a Cold?

My surgery is scheduled for august thirteenth and as of now I have a cold so I'm reminded if how much I truly hate that feeling so I'm hoping that's... READ MORE

What Does Swelling Feel Like when Touched?

I am at 4 weeks and 5 days post op. What does swelling feel like when touched? I can feel something soft and spongey on my tip & sides of my nose.... READ MORE

How Does Septal/Rib Cartilage Feel Post-op?

If rib cartilage is used on the bridge and septal cartilage is used on the tip, would the tip be stiff or would it be somewhat mobile as apposed to... READ MORE

Will an Over-reduced Nose Cause a Lack of Support to the Upper Lip?

I had rhinoplasty 4 years ago and the doctor over resected removed my nasal spine and cut the depressor muscle. Ever since my upper lip feels very... READ MORE

Cartilage in Nostril. What Happened? Why is my Tip So Big and Droops? (photo)

I had rhinoplasty many years ago and I'm not happy with the results. I have a piece of cartilage in my nostril that is visible if I bend it back, I... READ MORE

Will I Ever Feel Normal After Septorhinoplasty?

Well I've been for a septorhinoplasty 2 weeks ago. I know it's still early but will I ever feel normal during the recovery period? I understand there... READ MORE

Palpable Bony Edges After Nasal Bone Narrowing?

I had rhinoplasty 5 months ago that included nasal bone narrowing. Now when I put my finger in my nose, I can feel bony edges on the nasal walls, and... READ MORE

Cold and burning sensation/feeling in my nose 6 months after rhinoplasty (Photo)

Hello,i had closed rhynoplasty 6 months ago and i am not happy with the outcome,as u see it s too wide, and on my bridge strange puffed out lines... READ MORE

What does your nose feel like after an augmentation?

I'm thinking about having a nasal augmentation but would like to know what typical results feel like to the touch. Is your nose as flexible as before?... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty surgery, feeling weird in the chest. Is this normal?

I just had septo rhinoplasty done , after surgery I was fine , then couple days after when I was breathing into chest felt weird but I didn't have a... READ MORE

Follow-up: What would my nose feel/be like after an augmentation?

I asked in a previous question (we really should be able to add further questions to the same thread) if there was a good method for augmenting the... READ MORE

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