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Rhinoplasty and Excess Skin

I just wonder, how can you make a big nose smaller and there's not noticable excess skin? READ MORE

Do I Have Thick Skin or Excess Cartilage?

My rhinoplasty specialist is great,but I was surprised to hear him say that my skin is not particularly thick when I asked him.I know thick skin is... READ MORE

Supratip Fulness: Scar or Excessive Cartilage? (photo)

4 months ago I had a rhinoplasty,and my tip is still very projected.the doctor who operated me said its excessive scar production but according to... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Remove the Excessive Lower Cartilage Without Changing the Alar Cartilage? (photo)

Hello My nose is a little long i want to reduce the length of nose but i think my septum is normal but excessive lower cartilage makes my nose to look... READ MORE

Different techniques to hide excess columella show? (Photo)

I am going to have a rhinoplasty procedure soon. The surgeon plans to trim my columella as I have excess columella show. I am worried that this will... READ MORE

Trimming cartilage from the caudal septum during rhinoplasty. How much is too much?

I had 3mm segment of cartilage trimmed from the caudal septum "to reduce excessive fullness of columellar base" during rhinoplasty. I now have... READ MORE

Is this polly beak deformity? (photos)

It's 3 month's post op now and not much has changed since my cast removal, I've seen my sergeon and he said something about excess scar tissue but... READ MORE

Large nasal spine/caudal septum cartilage? What can be done? (photos)

Okay so my whole life I've deal with my terrible nose... based off what I've read I've concluded that it is due to an overgrown nasal spine/ excess... READ MORE

Am I eligible for Rhinoplasty after double jaw surgery? (photo)

My nose has widened slightly after double jaw surgery. I do not like the flatness, lack of tip or definition and especially the roundness/excess... READ MORE

Does excessive movement of face affect Rhinoplasty results?

So I had rhinoplasty less than a month ago and lately I've been eating hard foods that require much chewing such as stake, hamburgers, etc... This... READ MORE

I'm 27, Female. Should I be worried about excessive scar tissue/contracture following rhinoplasty? I have Dupuytren's. (photos)

I had surgery 19 months ago on my palm. This exacerbated a Dupuytren's diasthesis and I had significant scarring. My finger contracted 26 degrees in... READ MORE

Can the cartilage excess be removed after a failed Rhinoplasty, with a minor operating procedure? (photos)

I had a rhinoplasty 16 months ago and the result is awful. I have bumps across my nose due to an excess of cartilage left by the surgeon on the... READ MORE

Could my nose change - how to correct it? (photos)

Black and white photo of mine was before change my nose at the age of 16.i think muscles of nose top were drop down to bottom(nose tip).can I remove... READ MORE

Would tip plasty be enough as I don't want to change the bone structure of my nose? (photos)

I have too much cartilage at the tip of my nose and it looks droopy a little bit as well. I'm more concerned about the excessive cartilage tissue.... READ MORE

Can excessive swelling post Rhinoplasty cause scar tissue formation? Will this compromise results? (photos)

At 2 weeks post rhinoplasty, I have excessive swelling of the entire nose. I worry that it may compromise results. A doctor on here suggested taping... READ MORE

Can this excess cartilage be removed to make the tip more symmetrical? (photo)

I'm wondering if this excess cartilage can be removed to make the tip more symmetrical. I've had primary rhinoplasty and had more cartilage on that... READ MORE

Wearing glasses after Rhinoplasty?

Due to the devastating results, I think wearing glasses might mask my excessively shaved down bridge. When is it safe to wear glasses after... READ MORE

When I was 16, I had Weir incisions done. Could I have the excess that hangs on the end of my nose removed? (Photo)

The doctor told me there was nothing that could be done about the end of my nose. This is the part that actually bothers me the most. It hangs down,... READ MORE

One year after my surgery, nose is actually longer. Is my nose shorter and was tip plasty performed? (photos)

Bony cartilage hump excess (nasal bone and some part of the upper lateral cartilage and part of the septum cartilage has been removed and smoothed... READ MORE

3 weeks post op Rhinoplasty, I have a bone excess. Any suggestions?

Hello all, I went for rhinoplasty approx 3 weeks ago and the profile from left and front on is fine, but from the right there is upper bridge bone... READ MORE

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