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Cost and Financing Options for Ethnic Rhinoplasty?

I would like to know the cost and the plans available financial options to pay for Rhinoplasty? How to pay it off? What's the price range? Are there... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty in Mexico - Worth the Risk?

Is traveling to Mexico (from Minnesota) for rhinoplasty safe? The cost is $3,500 for Mexico and $5,400 for MN. My nose is a unique Indian nose. It... READ MORE

How is Rhinoplasty in Hispanic Patients Different Than in Other Patients?

I've read in other places on this site that rhinoplasty surgery is different for certain ethnicities so I'm wondering, is rhinoplasty surgery... READ MORE

How to Fix Bulbous Tip on Ethnic Nose?

Hi, I would like to know how Rhinoplasty is done. If its just the tip, I want to make it pointy. I heard suture technique can give me a pointy tip,... READ MORE

How Do I Find the Best Ethnic Rhinoplasty Surgeon?

I have done a few research and found that many of the Rhinoplasty surgeons have done at least one or two ethnic rhinoplasty but didn't find anyone... READ MORE

Tip Definition Via Rhinoplasty Difficult for Ethnic Nose?

Is it difficult to get definition via Rhinoplasty with a bulbous ethnic nose? How much change in appearance can one expect if it looks round and the... READ MORE

Does anyone know who did Teyana Taylor's nose job? I want subtle but nice results like this. (photos)

Does anyone know who did Teyana Taylor's nose job? I would love something like this. Subtle and still "ethnic" but better looking than the original nose. READ MORE

What Is The Difference In Using Bone vs. Cartilage In Rhinoplasty?

Hi what is the difference between bone and cartilage in rhinoplasty and what is used for where. and what is the best option to use when the patient... READ MORE

European Rhinoplasty for African-Cuban Nose

I had rhinoplasty to narrow my nostrils and to refine the tip 10 months ago. As soon as the plaster came off I knew that it hadn't gone right but I... READ MORE

Does my Ethnicity Affect How my Rhinoplasty is Performed?

I would like to have nose surgery to fix my crooked nose.  One of my friends recommended the surgeon who did her nose surgery, but I am not sure... READ MORE

Would It Be Dangerous to Go for 3rd Asian Rhinoplasty?

From my undersanding, most of the rhinoplastic surgeries performed in west are to shorten nose or making nose bridge narrower. Hence it may not be... READ MORE

Can my Ethnic Nose Be More "Westernized" Without Looking Funny?

The width of my nose is just about the same as the width of my mouth. I would hope it can be smaller and with a tip without looking unnatural. READ MORE

Do All Plastic Surgeons Perform Ethnic Rhinoplasty?

Hi surgeons, I'm a mixed race girl and I have a boulbous tip. My nose look good from the sides, but boxy at the tip. I would like the tip of my nose... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty Grafting; Medpor vs Rib Graft?

Without looking at the infection or extrusion rate and basing this purely on aesthetics, when augmenting an ethnic nose - does using rib graft have a... READ MORE

Ethnic Nose too Short After Rhino, Will The Shape Keep Changing?

I recently had rhinoplasty on a middle eastern nose. My surgeon and I agreed to preserve ethnicity while making some changes. We agreed on reducing... READ MORE

Is This a Mestizo Nose? (photo)

I've heard surgery is super difficult to get right. READ MORE

Ethnic rhinoplasty to get Small, Cute, Simple Nose

I have a big,wide nose & big nostrils i want it to be smaller,less wide,sharper tipd(not so cocasion looking)just small,cute & simple. the... READ MORE

Is a Rhinoplasty Suitable for Me?

I am of Pakistani origin and I have quite a large nose. I am considered attractive sometimes. I feel my large nose looks a little masculine. I have... READ MORE

Tip work.

I have a dorsal hump I want to rasp down, but I do not want tip work. I'm Armenian,&want to keep parts on my ethnic nose. I love my... READ MORE

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