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Will a Rhinoplasty Improve my Facial Structure/enhance Other Features?

I am currently saving up to afford Rhinoplasty myself. I was advised to ask this question (of many others... My nose isnt too bad. It does however... READ MORE

I'm considering Rhinoplasty as well as chin surgery-what would work best to correct my profile and enhance my features? (photo)

I hate the profile of my nose and chin. My chin also becomes more pointy/prominent when I smile and my nose expands. What would be the best way to... READ MORE

What would you recommend to enhance the appearance of my nose? (photos)

I don't have breathing issues. I just want the appearance of my nose to be improved. Along with the changes you would recommend, would you also... READ MORE

Reabsorption rates of ear and septal cartilage.

I will be undergoing a nasal reconstruction surgery. I would like to discuss reabsorption rates of ear and septal cartilage. I will be using ear... READ MORE

I am looking to change the width and fat tip of my nose. What procedures would be recommended? (photos)

Small lips small eyes wider nose..seeking to have rhinoplasty surgery. I do not have health issues nor smoke. I am simply looking to enhance my... READ MORE

Rib Cadaver - grow together?

If cadaver rib are used for narrowing tip and enhance bridge for thick skin nose. Will the fascia harvesting could be avoided ? Can cadaver rib grow... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty or fillers? (photos)

Hi I would like to know what you would recommend to enhance my nose I saw fillers can be used. Am confused if I should use fillers or do a rhinoplasty READ MORE

What type of plastic surgery/enhancements would I benefit from? (photos)

I do not like the hump in my nose. I feel my face appears flat, but I worry that Rhinoplasty might make my face appear even more flat. I'm not sure if... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty and Chin Augmentation to enhance my beauty? (photos)

I've been thinking of a rhinoplasty and chin augmentation for a long time. I don't like my short to nothing chin, and the bridge of my nose seems to... READ MORE

How to get a dramatic augmentation for dorsum?

What are the procedures to enhance the nose bridge dramatically? And how much it can achieve (10mm - 20 mm)? What are the pros and cons of those approach? READ MORE

Is it possible to have my tip plasty removed without removing my bridge enhancement?

I had a bridge enhancement and tip plasty done 4 years ago. My doctor used my ear cartilage on my rhinoplasty. But after 2 years my tip deviated on... READ MORE

Do I have to consider a nose job ? (photos)

Hi, my doctor said that if i want to enhance my beauty i should consider a nose Job. Is it what i have to do or do you have other suggestions ? Thank you READ MORE

Im looking at procedures to help improve the appearance of my features, in your professional opinion what would help please? (ph

 A few thoughts was that I may need rhinoplasty as an option, cheek fillers for a more feminine look. I believe upper and lower bleph could help,... READ MORE

Crooked nose or uneven swelling? (photos)

I have made my rhinoplasty 14 months ago , i had removal of dorsal hump , and enhancing the nose tip and straightening of the septum , it was pretty... READ MORE

Could rhinoplasty enhance my face without looking completely different? (Photos)

I've always thought my nose was a bit big for my face. I have a bump as well as a large tip and it looks huge at certain angles. What could be done... READ MORE

How do you go about "creating" a nose that enhances a patient's face, rather than just a nose that looks good on its own?

For instance, could you give me some examples of a facial feature that would be enhanced by a certain type of nose. Say, if someone has a softer face,... READ MORE

I'm looking to enhance my nose. I want my nose to look naturally contoured. (photo)

I don't like how wide my nose look in the front. I want it narrow and pointy. I was wondering if this is a minor problem? And If I have to have... READ MORE

I want a nose job & lip fillers, do I need them & where are the best places? (Photos)

So I want to basically look like the second photo, because I'm currently not feeling my nose hump, I just want some enhancement to my lips also... but... READ MORE

How can I enhance my nose and mouth area? (Photo)

I have an inverted triangle face high cheek bones deep set eyes and I don't know what's exactly wrong with my mouth and nose area but it does go with... READ MORE

What treatment can be done to my nose to enhance the overall appearance? (Photo)

I don't like how strong my nose looks between my eyes and my asymetrical nostrils really bother me too. I know my face is overal very asymetrical but... READ MORE

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