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17 Years Old (Almost 18) and Getting Rhinoplasty

Hi I'm 17 years old and I'm getting rhinoplasty this summer! I'm nervous about one thing: people noticing. If people at my high school... READ MORE

Can you recommend surgeons in US specializing in Rhinoplasty revision/reconstruction? (Photo)

My surgeon said his internal sutures had came loose causing all my cartilage to drop down. I now am left with very pointy areas on the tip of my nose.... READ MORE

Can Rhinoplasty Help My Profile? (photo)

I Have a Very Wide Nose when I Smile and It Looks Pointy on my Profile. I am extremely dissatisfied with my nose (I won't allow anyone to take... READ MORE

Why does my nose have such a horrible smell after turbinate reduction and septum repair?

I had nose surgery about a month ago. My nasal passages are extremely small, so they had to shrink my turbinates and also repair my septum. I am... READ MORE

Will Rhinoplasty benefit me? (photos)

In my opinion my nose is much larger proportioned then other facial features. It's always been very embarrassing. I refuse to take pictures at certain... READ MORE

I have long chewed over the idea of rhinoplasty and lip injections, but I would like an outside perspective. (photos)

I have always been self conscious of my nose. But I worry about making such a change. Is it possible to do so in a way that doesn't look completely... READ MORE

Crooked nose and smile? (Photo)

As you can see from the picture, when I smile, my nose pulls to one side, as well as my mouth lifts up more on that same side. The bottom lip on the... READ MORE

My eyes and nostrils are asymmetrical. What is the reason for this? (Photo)

I discovered my eyes asymmetric when I was 14 that's when my friends laughing at me when we all looked into the mirror, they said while laughing. And... READ MORE

It's been over 8 years since I've had rhinoplasty do correct a shattered septum. Still having phlegm issues

Since then I've never really had a stuffy nose in the sense that I have to really blow it but I've had a lot of phlegm since then. Is there anything I... READ MORE

Is it time for me to get a rhinoplasty?

I have accidentally hit against the right side of nose quite hard, there is no external injury.Its embarrassing but I have to pick my right nostril to... READ MORE

Constant runny nose after rhinoplasty?

I have had 2 rhinoplastys, 2 years apart. My revision was 1 year ago. Since, my nose is always running, when I blow my nose not really anything comes... READ MORE

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