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Will Laughing, Smiling and Chewing 3 Days After Rhinoplasty Ruin the Results?

I recently had rhinoplasty and I am 2 weeks post op and kinda worried about the results. READ MORE

Post-op Day Three of Rhinoplasty and Still Have Nasal Packing. Feel Pressure When Eating or Swallowing?

I had my rhinoseptoplasty 2 days ago and I still have my nasal packing in (I'm allowed to remove it tomorrow). My problem is that when I eat or... READ MORE

What should I be eating and drinking after Rhinoplasty. Straw, hot, cold, soft, hard or crunchy?

1st, thanks to all DR.'s taking time out of their busy lives to help those of us who function better with more information, than less, that some of us... READ MORE

Can Biting Something Crunchy or Any Type of Chewing Affect Rhino Results?

Hello I was wondering if eating something very very crunchy would in any way affect rhino results? I'm 12 weeks post op by the way. Thank you very... READ MORE

When can I eat everything (spicy food, salty food) after my rhinoplasty? I'm 2 weeks post op.

It's been really hard trying to find low sodium meals, especially when dining out. When can I eat spicy and salty foods again? READ MORE

Can ingestion of marijuana edibles slow down the healing process after a Rhinoplasty?

I am a medical marijuana user and I was wondering if there were any harmful affects of eating marijuana foods while healing from a Rhinoplasty. I... READ MORE

Should my throat hurt this bad after Rhinoplasty?

I know I had a tube down my throat but it has been almost a week and it's still causing me pain every time I eat. I cannot eat fruit or else it'll... READ MORE

Nose Makes Strange Clicking Noise when I Eat, Is This Normal?

I had surgery Aug/10/12 so it's been over a year My doctor told me my healing could take up to 2 years , I have pretty thick skin and my nose area... READ MORE

Would Eating Popcorn Affect my Rhinoplasty?

Hey there,it's 2 weeks and a day after my rhinoplasty, was eating popcorn, feeling strong vibrations on my nose, and a little weird shaking... READ MORE

Could tweezing upper lip hair after Rhinoplasty and eating cause damage?

Hi, I had my closed rhinoplasty procedure two days ago. One hour ago I tweezed (plucked) some upper lip hair. Coud it damage my nose or do sth else to... READ MORE

1 Month After Septorhinoplasty..what else Should I Void?

The healing process looks good and proper.the swelling is gradually disappear while there's still some.It's ok and I'm satisfied but..I dont want to... READ MORE

Anything I need to stay away from during my pre op of Rhinoplasty?

Is there like a diet I need to be on?? I'm kinda paranoid of what I should or shouldn't eat. Any recommendations? READ MORE

1 week post op of Rhinoplasty, I feel like the things I eat go in my nose. Is it possible for this to happen?

Is it possible for this to happen? I had surgery a week ago and I just ate pasta. I kind of felt the paste go to the back of my nose and the odor is... READ MORE

After 1 yr, thinking about full face redo. Seeking advice for diet. Any suggestion?

Is it okay to eat sodium foods few days prior and 3 weeks after surgery? Will high sodium food delay swelling and affect final results for... READ MORE

Whenever I eat or drink, I feel my nostrils flare and it pulls on the internal stitches just a little. Is this normal?

Had rhinoplasty a few days ago. Whenever i eat or drink i feel my nostrils flare and it pulls on the interal stitches just a little. Is this normal? READ MORE

Pain directly BELOW nose 10 weeks after rhinoplasty. Is this normal?

Hi there, I was recovering well from rhinoplasty 10 weeks ago. Initially, there were pain and stiffness. But the pain and stiffness largely went away.... READ MORE

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