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Twilight Sedation Vs General Anesthesia for Septo-rhinoplasty?

I need Septoplasty for medical reasons. I am planning to combine Rhinoplasty with it. One surgeon I consulted said that he uses general anesthesia... READ MORE

Is it still possible to have Rhinoplasty if have done cocaine recreationally and stopped 3 weeks before surgery?

Have been doing cocain recreationally on and off for about a month.. this past month i did a bunch on new years.. then a bunch on mexico for a week..... READ MORE

Took MDMA (extacy) pills 3 months after rhinoplasty. Have I damaged my nose?

I took some MDMA pills 3 months after rhinoplasty and am worried if I was suppose to stay away from it. Did i damage my nose or postponed my healing... READ MORE

Is there any complication taking MDMA/ecstacy and Ketamine 14 days before Rhinoplasty?

As I understand MDMA has a half life of 8 hours so all of it would be out of my system in 14 days but would there be any other complications? On... READ MORE

Minimal Cocaine use after a rhinoplasty. Is there a possible consequences of this?

Two months after an open rhinoplasty, I did a small line of cocaine at a party. I do not have an issue with drug use. I am just wondering the possible... READ MORE

Cocaine and closed Rhinoplasty. Any suggestions?

I have booked to get closed rhinoplasty done in September (3 months ago) I tend to take cocaine every weekend and have done for approximately 6 months... READ MORE

Big mistake - cocaine after rhinoplasty

I did a small amount of cocaine 2 months post op. Prior to this, my nose was healing so nicely. I had an open rhino septoplasty done. The bridge was... READ MORE

Anti-inflammatory drugs and post Rhinoplasty?

I had rhinoplasty 1 year & 1 month ago. I feel swelling has gone down, but not all. I get bad headaches/menstrul cramps sometimes & take ibuprofen.... READ MORE

Open rhinoplasty and cocaine? Worried.

I am getting an open rhinoplasty in a month and a week, last night I had a few drinks and did three small lines of cocaine. Is it still safe to... READ MORE

Did I already destroy my nose by consuming 2 grams of cocaine one month after surgery ?

I had a closed nose job one month ago and realizing that the swollen has decreased and i had no pain whatsoever in my nose i took cocaine two days in... READ MORE

Can snorting PCP one time affect my results after 10 months?

I'm 10 moths post op and extremely concerned that I've altered my results of my nose. I was with some friends that were all snorting pcp. They kept... READ MORE

Cocaine abuse - my septum has perforation and I don't know the best course of action now

The perforation is about the size of a 5 pence peice my air ways whistle and scab over to the point were it is totally enclosed by READ MORE

I'm having septorhinoplasty and reconstruction done in a few weeks(due to trauma). But have used cocaine.

Im having a septorhinoplasty as well as reconstruction,(post trauma). Ive unfortunately recently done cocaine, although not a chronic user. only using... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty 3 days ago and cannot take the diclafenic anti inflammatory drugs. Any suggestions?

I have had sickness and severe stomach cramps with diclafenic so can not carry on with these, is there an alternative to assist with the swelling, thanks READ MORE

What can I do about my nose dent and dip after cocaine abuse?

I'm always blowing and picking my nose and getting headaches. Apart from stop taking drugs what should I do now. Cause I'm starting to get worried  READ MORE

I'd like to know if previous use of cocaine can cause complications during future rhinoplasty? What are the risks?

The operation will be performed by the closed method. I haven't been using any drugs for about an year. READ MORE

I am a former drug addict that ended up enlarging my nostrils and destroyed part of my columella. Can my nose be fixed? (Photo)

I'm really anxious about it, can't believe I didn't notice it happening until it was too late, any help would be greatly appreciated. READ MORE

I took cocaine 3 months after rhinoplasty. What will happen to my nose now?

I'm not a drug addict. I've only taken cocaine on very few occasions. I got drunk & stupidly snorted 3 small lines of cocaine exactly 3 months... READ MORE

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