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How long does swelling last after open rhinoplasty to reduce tip size?

I had open rhinoplasty 13 months ago to reduce & slim down the size of my tip. My ps told me most of the swelling should subside within 12 months.... READ MORE

Is This Just Supratip Swelling After Rhinoplasty?

I had rhinoplasty about 7 weeks ago. I know that it's still really early in the healing process but I'm somewhat concerned about my results.... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Get This Rhinoplasty Result ? (Before & After Picture)

Im 23 and my main problem is the hanging columella that shows too much of my nostrils, makes my nose go down, it's also too close from my upper... READ MORE

Is There a Way to Do a Rhinoplasty on a Drooping Nose (Esp when Smiling) Without Lengthening the Upper Lip?

Is cutting the muscle (causing the upper lip to lengthen) the only way to fix a "drooping" nose? READ MORE

What Can Be Done to Reduce the Size of a Long Hook Nose? (photo)

I have what many call an aquiline/hook nose, it's very long with with a drooping tip and bump on the bridge. I am aware of nasal tip rotation and tip... READ MORE

Help & Suggestions Regarding Nose Job- Can Bumps Grow With Age?

Hi Im in my mid twenties and have always been unhappy with my nose. All my sisters have very small feminine noses a la Angelina Jolie or Marilyn... READ MORE

What Procedure Should I Get For A Slightly Bulbous, Downturned Nose Tip?

Hi. I think the tip is too big like a ball, and the bit between the nostrils goes too low. Is there something that could be done? thanks READ MORE

I look like Lady Gaga. How can I change this? Nose job, fillers, chin augmentation, and lip lift? (photos)

We have almost the same facial structure: oblong face with long, recessed chin & similar facial features. I also have a long overly tall nose with a... READ MORE

Why is my nose bent downwards? (photo)

The front part of my nose is bent downwards. I'm really self conscious about it. People say they can only notice it from my side, but it still bothers... READ MORE

Don't Like My DOwnturned Nose When I Smile? (photo)

I had my rhino a year ago, I don't like the results for my profile. The front is not too bad except when I smile my nostrils have an airplane loo and... READ MORE

Tip Fell After Rhinoplasty, What Can I Do To Achieve My Desired Results?

I had a closed rhinoseptoplasty 5 months ago. My nose's tip is pointing downwards and is slightly crooked to the left; and it's not at all... READ MORE

Will Hump Removel Will Automatically Raise Small Drooping Tip? (photo)

I have small hump and little drooping dr said only hump removel will straighten my nose,raising the tip will shorten the length..but i also... READ MORE

Why is my Nose Downturned when I Smile After Rhinoplasty?

Im 7 weeks post op rhinoplasty. My tip was to remain upturned, which it is except when I smile then it looks downturned and strange and flat in the... READ MORE

If I Have the Bump Removed from Nose will the Droopy Nose Tip Raise Up? (photo)

I have a hook nose(kinda) with a small bump and a droppy tip My question is if the bump is rasped or taken down will the tip raise up or somewhat... READ MORE

Is it Possible to Only Correct my Drooping Tip w/o Bothering Dorsal Hump and DNS? (photo)

I have dorsal hump,little bit DNS and a drooping tip which makes my smile ugly.i only want to correct my drooping tip.Is it possible to only correct... READ MORE

How Can my Nose Be Fixed?

I don't see a lot of people with my type of nose, no one in my family has it as either. It is hard for me to get an I idea of what a rhinoplasty would... READ MORE

Can Rhinoplasty Fix a Snarly Smile?

Hello, When I smile, the junction between my nostril and cheek moves up, at the same time the tip of my nose droops. Will rhinoplasty alone fix this... READ MORE

I am 16 years old. Am I a candidate for a nose job? (photos)

I am 16 and have hated my nose since I was little. I have a dorsal hump and my nose slighty curves downward creating a hook. My nose also droops down... READ MORE

3 months post op of Rhinoplasty, do I have a hanging columella and overall drooping nose? (photos)

Approx 3 months post op primary rhino. Overall big improvement and I am a reasonable patient that doesn't expect perfection. However, I am slightly... READ MORE

What Would You Change About my Nose when Performing Rhinoplasty? (photo)

Basically, What type of nose do I have and what would you change about my nose when performing rhinoplasty?. Here is some extra information: I am 20... READ MORE

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