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Is A Saddle Nose The Same As Ski Jump Deformity?

I think my PS made a mistake at removing the hump in my nose,he left me with a low curved inward bridge,like a ski launch nose has no dorsum... READ MORE

Too Much Nostril Show (Male). Best Technique?

Hi I am a male with too much nostril show from the frontal view. Derotating the tip however would lengthen the dorsum and my dorsum would be too long... READ MORE

Is Rhinoplasty Right for me or Will I Make my Nose Worse?

Hello! I live in NYC and I'm about to go to India for a rhinoplasty (due to low budget). I really wanna do it because some things are definitely... READ MORE

Do I seem to have an over-resected nasal bridge? Or is it just swelling? (Photo)

I had rhinoplasty done 7 months ago. At first, I was very pleased with my profile, but with time, the swelling on my bridge went down, and I started... READ MORE

How Difficult is It to Smooth out a Bumpy Dorsum Due to a Bony Callous?

I know that all rhinoplasty revisions are complicated but, in that context, how difficult would it be to smooth out a bumpy dorsum? It seems I may... READ MORE

Possible to Increased Dorsal Height and Reduce Tip Size at the Same Time?

Trauma has left me with inner and outer valve collapse and cartilaginous saddle deformity couple with a deviated septum and fractured tip cartilage,... READ MORE

Does nasal bridge/ dorsum swell in all directions (vertical/ horizontal) after a rhinoplasty/septoplasty?

Does nasal bridge/ dorsum swell in all directions (vertical/ horizontal) after a revision rhinoplasty/septoplasty? if my bridge looks broad, does it... READ MORE

Does the Height of the Nasal Dorsum Have a Relationship with Cheekbones?

My nasal dorsum is quite high relative to the nasi on and tip. If the elevation of my dorsum is brought down will that affect how the cheekbones look... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Get Septal Cartilage from a Donor to Use for Dorsal Augmentation?

Is it possible to get septal cartilage from a donor to use for dorsal augmentation for asian rhinoplasty? i have a typical asian nose with a wide base... READ MORE

I Would Like to Know the Possible Risks of Wearing a Dorsal Implant for Height and Definition (photo)

I love the shape, height and definition a dorsal nasal implant does to nose but really. are they safe long term? if they are safe which type of... READ MORE

Translation for a Rhinoplasty Recommendation..."dorsum" & "Suprstip?

Recommendation I received for my rhinoplasty except I don't fully understand... "lower ever so slightly your dorsum to achieve a slight... READ MORE

My Dorsum Has a Bump That I'd Like to Get Removed, How Would This Be Done? (photo)

Is the bump haves or carved or completely removed? I developed a bump from hitting my nose many times. In dim light the bump is accentuated. With out... READ MORE

Do I have an open roof deformity or mid vault collapse?

My nose has a flat curved out dorsum because the dr was aggressive and careless. I am wondering if I have an open roof deformity or mid vault collapse... READ MORE

Why do I have a "contour" on my dorsum, it's visible after open rhino? Will it go away? (photo)

I had open rhino about 1 month & a week 1/2 ago and I'm starting to notice mostly on my left side a Line going down on both sides. I hate it, looks... READ MORE

Augment the dorsum of the nose bridge needed with bone and cartilage. Who can do this best? No synthetic implants (Photo)

I'm sending my photos before and now. The doctor just removed the bump, I need just the same thing to be placed there, I read about hip bone and... READ MORE

Open or closed surgery? What changes could be made and how? Is it possible to make my dorsum wider? Thank you all (Photo)

Hi, im considering doing a primary rhynoplasty.As you can see i have a small hump, my dorsum is asymmetrical and there's a deviation to the left.I did... READ MORE

Do dorsum onlay grafts disappear or settle and how long?

10 weeks ago had septoplasty, hump rasp and onlay dorsum graft. The graft is very visible under my thin skin. What can I do, have it removed orr will... READ MORE

How to tell if cartilage can be taken from septum to rebuild dorsum.

Hi, had rhinoplasty 8 months. I feel my bridge has been over resected/too scooped. I am a young caucasian male. I am thinking of possible revision at... READ MORE

Will adding height to the dorsum add more definition? (Photo)

Hi Doctors, My dr was aggressive when removing the very small hump on my nose. now my nose looks wide all the way down to the tip and has a washed out... READ MORE

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