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Should a Rhinoplasty or Septoplasty Surgeon Also Be an ENT Doctor?

My daughter wants to have Rhinoplasty and found a board certified plastic surgeon that she wants to use. However, her ENT said that she is better off... READ MORE

How Do I Ask my Doctor About Getting a Rhinoplasty Added to my Septoplasty?

I just got referred to a Ear Eye Nose Specialist to diagnose me with a deviated septum or not. If I do get diagnosed , which I more than likely will,... READ MORE

Should I Go to an ENT Doctor for Rhinoplasty Revision Advice?

I went to a plastic surgeon in Norwalk, CT and after the second surgery, I am still unhappy with one side of my nose which dips in. Do you think it is... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty Questions You Must Ask a Doctor in a Consultation

What questions should be asked in a rhinoplasty consultation READ MORE

Cookie Cutter Nose Job

A friend of mine said that I should avoid a certain local surgeon for my rhinoplasty because he uses a very cookie-cutter approach to rhinoplasty... READ MORE

Should I Go to an Expert in Crooked Nose Rhinoplasty?

I broke my nose and fractured my orbital wall about 10 yrs ago (I was 15). I am unhappy with the crooked appearance of my nose. I also have... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty Doctor: Facial Plastic Surgeon vs. General Plastic Surgeon

Should I Have my Rhinoplasty Done by a Facial Plastic Surgeon or a General Plastic Surgeon? Who is Most Qualified for Doing Nose Surgery? READ MORE

Can a plastic surgeon do a sinus surgery along with a rhinoplasty?

I am in need of a sinus surgery from chronic sinusitis and a deviated septum. While we are at it I thought we could add a rhinoplasty to make the tip... READ MORE

I Am Unhappy with the Looks of my Rhinoplasty Surgery but What if It Looks Good to All Doctors?

I really don't like the way my new nose looks but I don't know what can be changed. maybe it could be made longer. If the nose i have looks ok... READ MORE

Should my Doctor Cover Rhinoplasty Revision Costs?

I had a rhinoplasty recently. though it has only been one month post-op, from talking with my doc and seeing the swelling it is clear he did not do a... READ MORE

Good doctor? (photo)

I found a doctor who works in a hospital and is specialized in nosejobs en schisis. He does 20 nosejobs in one year for a long time now. Do you think... READ MORE

What kind of doctor is suitable for Indian Rhinoplasty?

What kind of doctor should I be looking for? Expertise that's more closely aligned with Asian or Caucasian rhinoplasties? READ MORE

Question regarding doctor qualifications?

I'm scheduling to hsve rhinoplasty in 1 month. Today i met my family doctor and when I told him that I chose a facial plastic surgeon he said that... READ MORE

How to tell if your doctor is a good doctor before rhinoplasty?

I want to get a rhinoplasty and have talked to some doctors but some have only 3 pics of rhinoplasty and this makes me very cautious. Just wondering... READ MORE

Is closed rhinoplasty possible? (photo)

I want my droopy nose tip lifted and thinned. I have had a droopy nose tip which I had surgery for 7 years ago which appears to have made things worse... READ MORE

If a doctor is Board Certified by the American Board of Otolaryngology are they a good choice for Rhinoplasty?

Doctor is also a member of a member of The Rhinoplasty Society, the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and only does... READ MORE

Does this doctor sound reliable and certified? Should I trust him with Rhinoplasty?

I have read that you want a cosmetic surgeon who is accredited by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, and/or the Canadian Society... READ MORE

Best nose job rhinolasty doctor in lebanon Dr souheil ghaya or makram abi fadel?

Hey which of these surgeons is good when it comes to rhinoplasty i cant find any of their work online. Any help would be good READ MORE

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