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How Difficult is a Rhinoplasty to Fix Broken Nose? (photo)

I had a minor broken nose some time ago and I have consulted one surgeon. He said the septum is straight and the nasal bone has been fractionally... READ MORE

How long will I need to have my splint on if I'm getting a non displaced nasal fracture fixed?

I broke my nose and it got a little crooked. the break isnt severe but its still a little noticeable. im getting surgery on it a week after the break.... READ MORE

How Can You Tell if You Have Displaced a Graft?

I am worried I have displaced a graft. I had a rhino/septoplasty and nasal graft surgery 10 weeks ago to help me with breathing issues. I had a bump... READ MORE

Can internal splints for a septorhinoplasty be displaced inside nose after heavy sneezing?

Ive had a septo-rhinoplasty 8 days ago with internal splints. after heavy sneezing (through my mouth) I've noticed my splint on the left nostril is... READ MORE

My nose was hit to a side and worried if the cartilage was displaced or is the look of my nose going to be affected?

Hello, I desperately need an answer specifically, I had a rhinoplasty 6 months ago overseas, I took extra care of my nose and it was fine, but my... READ MORE

How easily does an L shape implant displace/extrude from getting slightly bumped/hit? (photo)

I had a L shape implant inserted in my nose 3 months ago. I accidentally got it bumped at the tip. It didnt hurt much at the time. However, it started... READ MORE

Could nose have been broken or just bones displaced?

A little over a month, my husband bent down to kiss me and I raised up his nose hit my left side nose. I went to ENT looked at said not broken. Went... READ MORE

Do I have a displaced fractured nose? When can I come back to soccer? Do I need to undergo a closed reduction procedure? (Photo)

I hurt my nose 9 days ago playing soccer. CT scan finds there are displaced fractures through the nasal bone and deviation of the fractures to the... READ MORE

Is It Possible For Spreader Grafts to be displaced after 2 years?

I had a revision nose surgery 2 years ago, spreader grafts were placed. Breathing was better after that.. A month ago I cleaned my nose from... READ MORE

Will my nose be straight with time or the doctor is lying? (photo)

I had a dorsal hump and septum deviation as a result of football injury . i underwent rhinoplasty . here is the picture attached after 1 month of... READ MORE

Having Active Lifestyle Again After My Silicone Nose Implant Heals. (photo)

Gud am Doctors.. is it safe to do some intense activities after my rhinoplasty heals? like running, jumping or swimming especially but safely? does... READ MORE

Closed rhinoplasty. One nostril is bigger than the other. Are the bones displaced?

I had a nose job a week ago & when i was done from it they put the mustache gauze to prevent blood & they kept changing it. i bleed right... READ MORE

Can nasal jet displace alloderm 1 month after Rhinoplasty?

After an infection the ENT doctor asked me to use nasal jet along withantibiotics. I used it now for the 3 rd time, it is a big bottle and thviolencs... READ MORE

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