Dislocation + Rhinoplasty

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Can a Septoplasty Alone Correct Nasal Valve Collapse and Appearance? (photo)

I have been told that I have a significant caudal nasal septal deviation to the left with complete dislocation of all but my most anterior septum off... READ MORE

Is this dent on my nose dislocation of upper lateral cartilage or swelling of tip contour? (Photo)

Happy New Year Docs! I am 5 months post open rhino/septo.1 month post op a doc pushed my left nasal bone in (my left-your right) - he said the bone... READ MORE

Will a Septoplasty Fix my Appearence if Its Dislocated? (photo)

I have been told I have a severe caudal nasal septal deviation with dislocation of the septum off the maxillary crest and the roof sitting at a 45... READ MORE

There was a dislocation in my nasal bone and now my nose is slightly curved towards left hand side of my face. (Photo)

It happened 4 years ago, I fell and my nose strike the table edge due to which I had a nasal fracture. It recovered but my nose dislocated towards... READ MORE

I had Rhinoplasty two week later but the nasal graft is dislocated. What should I do? Revision rhinoplasty?? (photo)

I had rhinoplasty two week later.. After the removal of bandages my nose tip was fine but the nasal graft is dislocated between the eyes...the graft... READ MORE

What should I do with my nose? Should I keep icing it to see how it turns out or turn to reconstructive surgery? (Photo)

So originally my nose became dislocated a couple years ago when I was head butted. I never did anything to remedy it and left it like that. Recently I... READ MORE

Can nasal bone be repositioned from dislocation?

My nasal bone was dislocated as I was hit by the handle of the shovel when I was 9. The bone was tilted towards right. Now I am 18 year old boy, is... READ MORE

Can my asymmetrical nose be fixed after trauma dislocated the upper and lower cartilage? Unhappy with results of past surgery.

My right upper lateral cartilage was concave and my lower lateral carilage extended and drooped, deviating to the right. It was loose and I could move... READ MORE

Dislocation of nasal bone?

I've undergone osteonomy a month ago today is 46 days post op and my nose seems to be wide and when i touch my nose i can feel that my nasal bone is... READ MORE

Bending head to the side affect rhinoplasty with osteotomies? 2 weeks post op.

Hi sometimes I bend my head to either side or back when I am cleaning my nose in order to get a better view when i am infront of the mirror and I feel... READ MORE

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