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What Foods Should One Eat After Rhinoplasty?

Whatfoods should be eaten after Rhinoplasty, and for how long in terms of weeks before returning to a normal diet? Would weight gain shakes be... READ MORE

Can Prolonged Swelling Affect the Final Rhinoplasty Result?

I've seen a lot of doctors saying that high sodium diets may cause prolonged swelling after rhinoplasty. Can prolonged swelling/a high sodium diet... READ MORE

Could Your Diet Affect Scar Tissue Formation After Rhinoplasty?

I had rhinoplasty 31 days ago. I know it takes time for swelling to go but I'm worried about scar tissue. I already have a bump on one side of my nose... READ MORE

Preparation/After Care for Rhinoplasty

What is recommended as guidelines to prepare your body for a rhinoplasty as well as good after care tips to help with quick healing post surgery?... READ MORE

What diet would you recommend 48 hours after Rhinoplasty?

I just had my nose done about 48 hours ago and I'm starving. The crackers are starting to taste gross and i can't find much soups with low sodium.... READ MORE

Anything I need to stay away from during my pre op of Rhinoplasty?

Is there like a diet I need to be on?? I'm kinda paranoid of what I should or shouldn't eat. Any recommendations? READ MORE

1 Month After Septorhinoplasty..what else Should I Void?

The healing process looks good and proper.the swelling is gradually disappear while there's still some.It's ok and I'm satisfied but..I dont want to... READ MORE

At 1 month post-op septorhinoplasty will my diet have any affect on my nose? Are there any specific foods that must be avoided?

I eat healthy but feel like I'm constantly worrying about whether or not what I'm eating can cause bleeding or swelling issues. The last thing I want... READ MORE

Juice fast after rhinoplasty?

I am very cautious of my weight and i really want to do a juice fast right after my cast will be removed. I want to do the fast for about 1 month. Im... READ MORE

I'm traveling to America for Rhinoplasty. Is this a wise decision?

Hi! I will be making my way over to America for rhinoplasty from over seas. I'm just very anxious as I'll only be able to get 2.5weeks there. Is this... READ MORE

Vegan or vegetarian diet pre and post rhinoplasty?

Im having rhino/septo/turbs procedure in early 2016, and id really like to ensure I give myself the best chance to recover through my diet. I have... READ MORE


Want to make sure I am fit, healthy and ready for my operation: How do I prepare before my rhinoplasty surgery? Any diet changes? Any lifestyle... READ MORE

After 1 yr, thinking about full face redo. Seeking advice for diet. Any suggestion?

Is it okay to eat sodium foods few days prior and 3 weeks after surgery? Will high sodium food delay swelling and affect final results for... READ MORE

Is dieting after rhinoplasty a problem?

I am getting my Rhinoplasty done in one month, and over the summer my goal is to eat less and light foods. I will not be doing any exercise due to the... READ MORE

Can I take diet supplements after a rhinoplasty?

I know diet supplements are discouraged before surgery because caffeine or anything altering metabolism is dangerous for anesthesia, but what about... READ MORE

Can I get a steroid shot on one side of my nose from a surgeon/that did not do my surgery?

Hi Guys!! I had Alarplasty plus tip plasty in October 2016/ going on 4 mnths ago. Results Fluctuate via my menstrual cycle ( I get edema nose... READ MORE

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