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Nose Detached After Rhinoplasty?

I had rhinoplasty in 1999, about a yr ago I felt a dent by the upper part of my nose. I went to the doctors for answers? He asked when did I broke my... READ MORE

Can detached cartilage in nose be sewn back together? Injury occured 3 weeks ago.

I have detached cartilage near the tip of my nose, on the right alar .... the tear does not go entirely through the cartilage. It appears to be... READ MORE

Complete Detachment of Septum with Bench Remodeling?

I had a primary rhinoplasty. Though my nose did not present outside deformity, the septum was severely deviated and it looked post-traumatic. My... READ MORE

Can upper lateral cartilage be detached from nasal bone by pressing or rubbing it?

My nose is crooked. I was pressing on my ulc just below where it is attached to the bone and moved my finger back and forth with some pressure to feel... READ MORE

V-deformity causes when the dorsal septum has become detached from the nasal bones. How can this be fixed/revised?

My dorsal septum has become detached from the nasal bones in what is know as the keystone area. How can this be fixed? Thanks! READ MORE

What can be done to fix the detached bone in my nose after an accident?

I got hit on the nose. On the xray, they could see a piece of bone detached. It caused a depth on one side of the bridge and I have difficulties... READ MORE

What is really wrong with my nose? 4 months post op (Photo)

Hello, My nose was bulbous. I think I have read every question on here trying to relate to my situation. So I decided to write here myself. I am not... READ MORE

The skin of the nose is detached from the bone after 6 months of closed rhinoplasty

Hello, a closed rhinoplasty after five months, the nose is thin, doctors have told me that over time the skin is peeled off the bone or loose, which... READ MORE

Small piece of my flesh detached on the inside of my nose after rhinoplasty. Is it normal?

I was gently cleaning my nostrils from blood and mucus with a q tip, I noticed in one of the nostrils, there is a small part of my flesh that is... READ MORE

I'm 13 yrs old. Can I have surgery to correct my nose?

It kind of seems like the cartilage on one side has kind of detached from the side of my nose and slipped Down?? It makes my nose really weird looking... READ MORE

Nostril incision after weirs excision looks detached.

I had weirs excision 5 days ago. My right incision (on the inside where it was reattached) is not fully adhered. My left nostril is fine. My right... READ MORE

What operation would be the best for my crooked nose and lateral cartilage being detached? (Photo)

Hello. About 3 years ago I noticed my nose being curved to the right. My right side would be frequently blocked and aesthetically it just doesn't look... READ MORE

If upper lateral cartilage detached from bone would a dorsal hematoma form?

How would you know if ulc detached from nasal bone? Would it be painful? Would there be bruising or swelling even if it occured without forceful... READ MORE

Nose job; can swelling cause retina detachment?

Hi, If theres extreme swelling and bruising from a rhinoplasty, can this ever affect or cause tears,holes or detachments in someones retina in their... READ MORE

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