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Is There Still Swelling 7 Months After a Rhinoplasty?

I had an open Rhinoplasty 7 months ago and my tip is still rather large for my taste. I talked with my surgeon about it and he injected a small dose... READ MORE

Nose Bridge Definition Possible Without Implants?

The model below had a nose job and her bridge is much more defined. Is it possible to get a defined bridge such as below without having an implant added? READ MORE

How much does a bulbous nose job cost? (photo)

I am kinda conscious about my nose. It's wide and bulbous to me. The tip has no definition and it doesn't fit my face. I want to fix it to have a more... READ MORE

Could a Rhinoplasty Reduce the Width of my Nose?

My nose seems too wide for my face. There is also a lack of definition at the bottom of my nose where it seems to round off. I have slightly apparent... READ MORE

Should I Ask my Doctor for a Third Kenalog Injection (For Rhinoplasty)?

I've been given two kenalog injections since having a revision to remove excess scar tissue. One was given a week after the revision and the other... READ MORE

Post 8 Weeks Rhinoplasty - Shapeless Nose, Bulbous Tip, Loss of Definition? (photo)

I'm now 8 weeks post-op and Im not happy with the results. The nose does look really natural, most people who didn't know I got operated couldn't... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty to Fix Uneven Nostril on One Side?

I have uneven nostrils that make my frontal view unpleasant to me. Also, I don't mind my left profile, but I hate my right profile. The left... READ MORE

Why does my nose look different in every picture? And how can I change this? (Photo)

I feel like my nose is to big for my face and the tip is bulbous and large. my nose looks fine from some angles. I would like to have my bridge... READ MORE

Open Rhinoplasty and Chin Augmentation?

I am planning open rhinoplasty this year to straighten the bridge of my nose and also because I cannot breathe properly through one side of the... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Narrow a Wide Nose Bridge and Define the Tip Without Grafting?

I have a wide nose bridge with a square base that widens when I smile. I'd like to narrow my nose bridge and tip and reduce the alar. My nose looks... READ MORE

I Am Unhappy with my Nose, but Don't Know What Should Be Corrected to Make It Most Esthetically Pleasing. Please Help! (photo)

I would like my nose to have a little more deffiniton in the bridge and to look a little less wide. I dislike the small hump that seems to be most... READ MORE

I Want to Get my Tip & Nostrils Reduced, but Both As a Closed Rhinoplasty? (photo)

I feel insecure about my nose I have no issues with my bone structure from the nose. however the tip area to the nostril area i dont like. i want a... READ MORE

How to find a great rhinoplasty surgeon? Megan fox nose? (Photo)

Okay so i want a nose job to reshape the tip of my nose because it has no definition and looks quite boxy. I'm not saying i want Megan Fox's exact... READ MORE

I Want to Get Rhinoplasty for the Tip of my Nose, What Procedure Should I Expect? (photo)

Hi, I want to get rhinoplasty, and I have been debating whether I should do it for some time. I'm afraid of anesthesia, and the thought of having to... READ MORE

Is my Nose Just Swollen or Did my Doctor Mess Up? (photo)

Nose was done three months ago. i cannot believe how less defined and wider it is. my doctor brushes off all of my concerns and says its just swelling... READ MORE

Alar Base Reduction to Thin Tip of Nose Alone?

Hello, I am considering alar base reduction, and I was wondering if so much of the ala could be reduced to the extent that the tip of the nose would... READ MORE

10 days post op Rhinoplasty, the tip is very round, swollen, and has no definition. Is this normal? (photos)

I'm 10 days post op and my tip is very swollen, bulbous, and has no definition at all. I had an open rhinoplasty, my nose my crooked was before and my... READ MORE

Can a Shapeless Nose Be Given Definition, and How About the Dent on the Bone That Covers the Bridge of my Nose?

I have an awful nose,it has a large bridge,bulbous flat tip and to make matters worse has recently developed a small dent on the bone that covers the... READ MORE

5 Weeks Post Rhino Steroid Injection Made Nasal Tip Narrow, now 5 Months PO Tip is Less Defined. Final Result?

At 5 weeks post rhino steroid injection to nasal tip made tip narrow and nicely tapered. Now at 4 months and 3 weeks post op the tip is not terrible... READ MORE

I am considering a tip-plasty. Would you advise further surgery other than the tip reduction? (Photo)

I am considering a tip-plasty. I have been informed it would be unnecessary to break the bridge of my nose as it is already well proportioned so the... READ MORE

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