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How to Improve Wide Nose and Deep Smile Lines

What can I do to improve the appearance a wide nose and deep smile lines? READ MORE

Cause, Prevention & Remedies for Deep Crease Between the Eyes on Nose?

20yrs old male No prblm with my nose. It's my nose bridge sank backward on my face(deep crease between the eyes, not wrinkle), 2gether /w my cheek, in... READ MORE

How to Correct a Deep Nasofrontal Angle on a Female? (photo)

When a nasofrontal angle in a female is too deep, and it appears that the glabella area is too projected, what type of procedure would bring about a... READ MORE

Would the Results I Desire Be Possible and Not Risky? (photo)

I feel my nose is simply out of place on my long face with my relatively deep set eyes and tiny lips. I would very much like a much finer and upward... READ MORE

How To Fix Asymmetrical Nose (large Soft Tissue Triangle)? (photos)

My concern is my right nostril (nostril on the left side in the picture). it connects so high up on my nose rather than connecting lower like the... READ MORE

I want my old nose back. Do I need Rhinoplasty? (photos)

I had 2 bullhorn lip lifts 6 months apart, with the last surgery being 13 months ago. After my second surgery, I noticed my nostrils were pulled out... READ MORE

How long will this take to heal? Will I scar? Should I be using an ointment? (photos)

I had rhinoplasty 4 days ago, my skin reacted to the tape with deep red color , tiny blisters and burning. Very painful and uncomfortable. My doctor... READ MORE

What surgeries would I benefit the most from at 20? (photos)

I've decided to get surgery to improve my face, I realize what I need most is rhinoplasty. But I'm curious, I am only 20 but have intense facial... READ MORE

Deep under eye circles and bulbous nose? (photos)

Hello Doctors, I've always been unhappy about my under eye circles and nose. I get comments all the time about how tired I look even AFTER I put... READ MORE

Hump Removal surgery. (photos)

I am looking to have rhinoplasty to have Minor dorsal hump removed. I am male and concern in result in a feminine curved nose. Questions: During hump... READ MORE

How can I narrow my nose and give it a shape? (photos)

I have a relatively thick skin with wide nasal bridge. The radix/glabella is a bit deep. My nose looks somewhat 'hooked' with protruding nasal bridge.... READ MORE

Nose sticking out, how can it be set deeper into the face?

I see some people have noses that go past their lips and extend into the air. How does a rhinoplasty bring the nose deeper back into the face? Dont... READ MORE

The right side of my nose has a dip or scoop after rhinoplasty. Do you think it's possible to fix it?

The right side of my nose has a dip or scoope after rhinoplasty, I went to Colombia to fix it and the surgeon put something inside my nose but the... READ MORE

Why is it so dangerous to remove deep scar tissue formation?

I am suffering from valve collapse, and a big reason is trauma AND a bad revision where the surgeon narrowed the nose without remove scar caused by... READ MORE

How long after having a non surgical nose job can you have a surgical nose job? (Photos)

I have about 1ml of emervel deep filling various parts of my nose which I had done about 6 months ago - I would like to get a nose job in 6 months... READ MORE

Skin changed after a year and 4 months of primary rhinoplasty! Yet no explanation.

Am 31 and I had my surgery last year on March, 2015, immediately after couple of days I noticed something different in my nasolabial fold which become... READ MORE

What kind of nose surgery would you recommend? (Photo)

The renix (or bridge) of my nose is unusually deep. This puts pressure on me and makes it hard to properly concentrate. I want my nose to be moved... READ MORE

I find my nose to be too bulbous and large, what can help? (Photos)

I want to know if there are rhinoplasty procedures that will have reduce the size of the tip of my nose and the sides as they go to deep. I don't feel... READ MORE

Is it possible for the lower lateral cartilage and the upper lateral cartilage to separate? (Photo)

I've noticed a deep depression like line from the middle of my nose up till about here, noticeably softer and seems to be missing cartilage and I also... READ MORE

Can the upper part of the nose be narrowed?

Although my nose doesn't look wide, all my glasses & sunglasses leave very deep marks on the side of my nose. I've tried wider glasses and plastic... READ MORE

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