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Noticeable Cut Under Tip After Rhinoplasty?

I had my cast taken off yesterday, and the cut under the tip (where the doctor say's he cut in order to insert the cartridge to raise the tip) now... READ MORE

Depressor Septi Muscle Cut. Will the Distance Between my Nose and Upper Lip Go Back to Normal?

Hi, I had closed rhinoplasty 8 days ago. My depressor septi muscle was cut because it was pulling my nose down while speaking. While I am aware that... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty: Cutting Upper Lip Muscle

For nose lengthening surgery in addition to tip grafting for sharper more projected tip,is it necessary to cut the upper lip muscle? I was always of... READ MORE

Is It Common to Cut my Frenulum During a Rhinoplasty?

I noticed that the frenulum of my upper lip was cut during a rhinoplasty I had 5 years ago. I was wondering why this would be done? READ MORE

Necessary To Cut Upper Lip Muscle

Is it necessary for upper lip muscle to be cut? If it doesn't , would it result in a drooping tip or displaced cartilage tip grafts during facial... READ MORE

Am I a Candidate for Reconstructive Rhinoplasty?

About six months ago, I was in a car accident in which I lost a small portion of my nose, where the tip of the nose connects to the nostril. The right... READ MORE

HELP! My daughter cut off the bridge of her nose with a knife! Will it grow back normally?

My d is in the ER right now and I am shocked. She HATED her nose but we are a poor family so I couldn't fix it. She had a nose bridge bump. She... READ MORE

Is the Depressor Septi Muscle Connected to the Footplates of the Columella Cartilage?

I was wondering if this is true and if so is that part of the depressor septi muscle usually cut during rhinoplasty or jyst a smaller part of the... READ MORE

Why is Depressor Septi muscle released or cut during rhinoplasty?

Why is Depressor Septi muscle released or cut during rhinoplasty if it will reattach later on? Seems unpractical. Does it always reattach? What is the... READ MORE

I have wide nose. I want to cut the alar (nose wings). Is there way to heal it without scarring?

I have wide nose i want to cut the alar (nose wings) so it can get narrower i heard it causes scarring is there way to heal it without scarring if not... READ MORE

Cut marks and hole in a nose tip surface after rhinoplasty. Will they heal? (Photo)

I had Rhinoplasty 8 days ago and my cast was removed yesterday. Now there is a small hole and a cut mark on nose surface which looks horrible. Doctor... READ MORE

Cut Post Auricular Muscle

#1 I had my post auricular muscle cut when my doctor brrowed cartilage for my revision rhinoplasty. After the cutting of this muscle, my ear set back... READ MORE

Is there a way to cut the muscle from the face so that it will stop spreading my nose when I smile. How much will it cost?

I like my nose only when I'm not smiling. Is there a way to cut the muscle from the face so that it will stop spreading my nose when I smile. READ MORE

Is it difficult to cut dome binding sutures?

My tip was narrowed and I am unhappy with the result. I've read that you could cut the suture that binds the domes. how difficult is this maneuver? READ MORE

Noticeable Cuts After Base Reduction Rhinoplasty? (photo)

I had rhinoplasty surgery several years ago. The scarring in general has been minimal to non-existent, but the cuts at the base of my nostrils are... READ MORE

If my depressor septi muscle is cut completely and will not grow back again, how will my smile and upper lip be the same?

I just read here that if depressor septi muscle is cut completely it will not grow back again so the tip plunging etc etc..... And also read in... READ MORE

Sore columella, small open cut inside nostril. What should I do?

Hello, I am 2 weeks post-op and had a closed rhinoplasty. My columella on one side is more painful and tender than the other. (Like a mild throbbing... READ MORE

Cut on the outside of nose. Any suggestions? (photos)

Today i saw a external cut on my nose after rhinoplasty... Its been 5 days post op and ive never seen it. The only reason i saw it was because of some... READ MORE

I has a Rhinoplasty 6 days ago and they've cut my upper lip, and now I can't smile. (photo)

I had a rhinoplasty 6 days ago, the muscles of my upper lip where cut and now I can't smile I feel like my lip is under my teeth and when I try to... READ MORE

My footplates and medial crura as well as infratip was cut off in my surgery and I was just wondering if this is normal? (Photo)

These are photographs of the procedure. Wondering what the solution is or what are the trends in plastic surgery regarding their removal, because... READ MORE

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