Ct Scan + Rhinoplasty

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CT Scan Results For Sinus Infection. Will He Know I Had Cosmetic Surgery?

Hi, I had rhinoplasty 3 years ago, where I had my nose narrowed (walls and tip), had a hump removed, and had the tip straigtened. Recently, my ENT... READ MORE

Should I Get Another CT Scan?

I was recently scheduled for a septorhinoplasty to straighten a ("very, very") deviated septum and a crooked nose tip, both of which arose from... READ MORE

What are the usual side effects of the nasal deviation surgery?

The CT scan displays left nasal deviation that causes the recurrent my left maxillary sinus infection and left ear blockage. My doctor said the nasal... READ MORE

Would a nasal valve collapse show on a ct scan?

Hi i have had two rhinoplastys and i injured my nose over Christmas and self manipulation it back. But i fear i have caused a massive valve collapse... READ MORE

What's a reliable way for inferior turbinates enlargement diagnosis other than CT and examination?

I had a CT that showed prominent inferior turbinates then I learned that CT is not reliable due to nasal Cycle Does prominent that is in the report... READ MORE

Can CT scan tell you if I have enough septum for cartilage grafts?

Can you look at a sinus CT scan image and get a good idea of how much and strong of the septum that the patient has? For example, will ear or rib... READ MORE

I am not asian. I am Caucasian with non typical slightly asian features, thin skin. Can I have an osteotomy soon?

I went to Ent doctor yesterday who agreed my upper nasal bones feel like they are not lined up with the cartilage and said it felt like a palpable... READ MORE

Is it ok to get a CT scan 2 months after septorhinoplasty?

I am 2 months post-op and have to get a CT scan of my face tomorrow for orthodontic work. I have internal sutures for tip rotation and a graft on the... READ MORE

Does a surgeon have a legal obligation to tell patient about any problems encountered during surgery?

My surgeon's behavior (different than my original surgeon who I love but he relocated) has been evasive post-surgery and having received my ct scan... READ MORE

CT scan shows severe septal deviation and complete break in upper left nasal bone, and sinus disease.

I don't want to live with a deviated septum for the rest of my life. I knew something was wrong after surgery 6.5 months ago but doctor didn't listen... READ MORE

Why am I feeling terrible pain 4 months post rhinoplasty and turbinectomy? (photos)

Ct scan PNS post operation attached.Areas of pain include ear,forehead,gums,throat. Pain is of pinching and nerve stretching cannot sleep or work... READ MORE

I had a trauma to my nose months ago and I still have swelling in the center of my bridge, my ULC. What could it be? (photo)

I had a CT scan and no fracture showed up. It said I have turbinate hypertrophy. Could that cause this or is this an injury to the center of my nose.... READ MORE

I was injured after rhinoplasty. I think I have either a collapsed valve or scar tissue. Do I need a CT scan?

I was hit in the face that left the left of my nose droopier & more projected than the right. I know I have scar tissue compressing an upper valve,... READ MORE

I want to do reduction and augmentation Rhinoplasty,I have a doubt in augmentation rhinoplasty. Any suggestions?

Doctor,how will i know doctor use cartilage for grafting or filler material or silicon implant Is it possible for rhinoplasty surgeon to identify... READ MORE

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