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Crooked Nose or Uneven Swelling After Rhinoplasty?

I had Rhinoplasty to "straighten" my nose. I just got my cast off and it is clearly not straight. If a nose looks crooked when the cast is... READ MORE

Fixing Crooked Nose Without Rhinoplasty

I was punched on the nose causing a deviation to the left. The nasal bone has not moved, the slight twist begins mid nose. My surgeon recommended a... READ MORE

Insurance Coverage for Correcting Deviated Septum and Crooked Nose?

I have a deviated septum and am going to get surgery in the summer but I also have a crooked nose due to breaking it. Is there any way I could get my... READ MORE

Options for Progressively Crooked Nose?

My nose used to be perfectly staight and over the years it is getting progressively more crooked. My ENT says that I have a deviated septum and that I... READ MORE

I got kicked in the nose when I was 16 and it healed crooked. What Can I Do About my Crooked Nose?

When I was 16, I got headbutted horse-playing around and I had to push my nose back into place because it was crooked. The doctor said it was not... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty for Crooked Nose More Painful and Costly?

My nose is crooked and I wanted to get it fixed. It has never been broken. When I look at pictures from when I was younger, it is perfectly straight,... READ MORE

Crooked Nose = Deviated Septum?

My nose looks as if it has been pushed to the right side of my face. I have never had a broken nose, it seems as though it had developed that way. I... READ MORE

How to Fix Hereditary Crooked Nose?

Is there any way to fix a hereditary crooked nose? I know it's hereditary because my mom's nose is exactly the same, but she can put makeup and play... READ MORE

Why is my Nose So Crooked? (photo)

Hey all i didnt notice how crooked my nose was until a couple weeks ago people started to ask me if i had ever had it broken but i never have, my nose... READ MORE

My Nose Has Been Growing More and More Crooked over Time. Why is It Doing This ?

I am 15 and when I was a child it wasn't even a problem but as time went one of my eyes was getting higher then the other and it was noticable in... READ MORE

How to Fix a Crooked Nasal Cartilaginous Bridge?

It moves towards the right side of my face more, so if you look at my face one way, it's longer and the other way, shorter. READ MORE

Asymmetrical Swelling or Bad Rhinoplasty?

I just had a rhinoplasty with septoplasty and turbinate reduction on June 21st. Now, it is 3 weeks later, and my nose looks REALLY crooked. The tip... READ MORE

3 Weeks Post Op : Crooked Nose or Uneven Swelling?

Hello,I had open rhino 3 weeks ago to narrow the upper 1/3 nasal 'bones',shaving a slight hump and the tip tweaked for refinement, since the... READ MORE

Will Nose Stay Straight After Rhinoplasty?

My nose has grown to be off center and crooked since i was probably 5. If I was to undergo rhinoplasty to make my nose on center and straight would it... READ MORE

Can Crooked Nose Tip Be Fixed?

My nose tip is crooked; can it be fixed? One side if my cartilage has fallen down and I think it's due to my improper sleeping position. Can it be... READ MORE

In What Ways Can the Male Nose Naturally Change in Shape from Age 10-21?

My genetics played tug of war the past 23 years: 0-14: motherly resemblance, 15-18: fatherly ", 19-now: even mixmy mother and father look very... READ MORE

Crooked Nose 17 Days After Rhinoplasty (photo)

I had a Septo-Rhinoplasty 17 days ago and 5 days ago my surgeon took off the band-aids and my nose is slightly crooked to the left side.Before surgery... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty - Deviated Septum - Singing Voice?

I hate my nose. I have a bump on the bridge, the tip is bulbous and protrudes outwards. I can't breathe well and I'm 99% sure it's because of a... READ MORE

Why is it that on the left side of my nasal bone there is a little bone sticking out?

Why is it that on the left side of my nasal bone there is a little bone sticking out does that make my nose crooked or is it my nose cartilage that is... READ MORE

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