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How Much Does Rhinoplasty Cost?

What are average rhinoplasty cost? Does the price of a nose job vary by state like some other plastic surgeries? READ MORE

Cost of Corrective Deviated Septum Surgery As Well As Rhinoplasty

I'm having a corrective surgery for my deviated septum but was also planning on having my bump shaved down as well nose length shortened and if... READ MORE

How Much Does Dorsal Hump Removal Cost?

I need to know how much it would cost to remove a dorsal hump in the middle of my nose. READ MORE

Can I Have A Minor Nose Job To Fix a Bump?

So I love the appearance of my nose from the front and I don't have a "big" nose but I do have a bump to it from the side. I want to... READ MORE

How to Fix a Wide Nose? And Estimated Cost?

I've searched everywhere but cannot find any nose job cases similar to mine. By looking at my pictures, can you tell me how this can be fixed? And... READ MORE

What's the Cost of Rhinoplasty in Los Angeles?

I would like to augment my nose using my own cartilage and I was wondering if the price is any different than it would be for the more common nose... READ MORE

Nose Job Cost Range?

The average or price range of doing a nose job?? READ MORE

I Have a Broken Nose, How Much Will It Cost? (photo)

I broke my nose when i was very young. I got it consulted with a plastic surgeon in NJ, but he estimated the cost to around 12,000. That seemed VERY... READ MORE

Is it Safe to Have Rhinoplasty in India?

Hi! I live in US but in two weeks I'm going to India to get a rhinoplasty done. I'm scared to death! And not about pain but about the result.... READ MORE

Cost of Simple Alar Base Reduction?

How much does alar base reduction surgery cost, especially if it's minor and uncomplicated? Also can it being done without being put under general... READ MORE

Cost of Rhinoplasty for Nose Tip?

The tip of my nose, particularly the cartilage of the columella and it's the upper junction, is asymmetrical. The left side protrudes further than... READ MORE

Dallas, TX Rhinoplasty Cost?

I'm a 15-year-old girl and I dislike my nose. I was wondering, what is the cost for a nose job in the Dallas, TX? READ MORE

Removing Cartilage from Tip to Make Nose Shorter?

I want to remove cartilage from the tip of my nose to shorten it. How complex is this and what is the recovery and cost for something like this? READ MORE

How can I get rhinoplasty for free or low cost?

Well, not really for free but at a low cost I have what you say "witch nose" and I'm tired of being bullied by guys at my school and I really want to... READ MORE

Cost of Reducing Nose Size?

How much would you charge to reduce my nose size? I love the way Halle Berry and Eva Pigford nose look. I hate how Tyra Banks's nose and some other... READ MORE

Would the Price of a Rhinoplasty Be Reduced if I Did Not Touch the Bone? (photo)

I have wanted to change my nose for many years now, but I dont want anything drastic. .I think the bridge of my nose is fine, i just want to reshape... READ MORE

How Much Does Noes Hump Filing Cost?

My nose has been growing for the past year and a half, but now I'm 18. I wanted to know how much it would cost to file down the hump on my nose, and... READ MORE

Lowering Cost for Combined Septoplasty and Rhinoplasty Possible?

I have a Z shaped deviated septum according to the plastic surgeon/ENT and I also am doing Rhinoplasty to remove a hump on my nose. I have no... READ MORE

Total Cost of Rhinoplasty Including Anesthesia and Physician Fee?

What's the total amount that includes all the things from anesthesia fee to physician's fee? READ MORE

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