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Suggestions for Correcting Rhinoplasty Results

I discussed exactly what I wanted for a rhinoplasty result and even showed a picture. I asked that the nose not be tipped up, however, it now is. The... READ MORE

Skin Around Nose Has Gotten Darker After Rhinoplasty

During 6 month period after rhinoplasty surgery, I wore spf 15 sunsreen whenever I went out in the sun - I realize now that spf value was too low. Its... READ MORE

Can a Naturally Upturned Nose with Exposed Vertical Nostrils & Slightly Bulbous Tip Be Fixed w/o Changing Face Too Much?

I've consulted with a few BH surgeons who told me I had a beautiful and perfect bridge. But in profile my nose is very pointed and you can see far up... READ MORE

Nostrils Lost Curve After Alar Reduction

I do not think that my alar reduction was successful. My nostrils seem to have lost their curve. What can be done? Also would dermabrasion help with... READ MORE

After nose surgery, my nose is too high between the eyes and bridge (6 months after surgery)

The surgeon actually moved material from the side of the nose to the area between tip and bridge due to the area between the eyes (the bone) being so... READ MORE

Can a double alar rim graft that is too bulky be corrected? (photos)

I have had 3 rhinoplasties. In the last surgery, my doctor placed a second piece of ear cartilage over an existing alar rim graft to help open my... READ MORE

How Long After a Primary Rhinoplasty Can I Get a Saddle/Ski Slope Nose Corrected?

I had a rhinoplasty two months ago to correct a minor hump, the rhinoplasty was definitely over agressive as I really wanted to avoid an operated ski... READ MORE

In Office Correction and Revision Options?

What kind of corrections/procedures can be done after rhinoplasty and how soon after the the first surgery? Can bones be re-adjusted, cartilage added,... READ MORE

Can I have Rhinoplasty before jaw correction?

I may be having jaw surgery that will alter my profile. However, I don't know when or if this will definitely happen. In the meantime, I am very... READ MORE

How is a flat nose corrected?

If having a very flat nose, how can this be corrected? READ MORE

Bump Close to Eye Socket 10 Years After Rhinoplasty

I had a nose job over 10 years ago and I have a bump (bone) close to my left eye socket. Can this be corrected? This bump (bone) is small and hard... READ MORE

Is a Nasel Tip Rhinoplasty Less Risky Than a Full Rhinoplasty (photo)?

Hello, I've had a consultation with a surgeon who said that as the bone structure of my nose is fine and the tip needs slight refinement he would... READ MORE

Can Loose Cartilage Make One Nostril Uneven and Asymmetrical? (photo)

I asked another question about my nostrils & a composite graft was suggested on the one that flared. But I've noticed that the cartilage in the... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty for Exposed Inner Nose?

I am 18 years old and my nose tip stoops downward, leaving the inner part of my nose a little exposed. Can it be pushed inside through Rhinoplasty? If... READ MORE

My nose job is horrible. It's too small and thin. What can I do to fix it? (Photo)

I've had septoplasty, turbinates fixed and the outside was cut to make thinner. The tip was reshaped. I am only 10 days post op but my African... READ MORE

Can a Separated Bridge Be Corrected?

My nose has a separation at the bridge after surgery to correct deviated septum. Can this be corrected? READ MORE

Why Have my Eyes Aged Years After Rhinoplasty?

Did something get altered that is now restricting blood flow? I have deep hallows that were not there before. People keep asking me if I'm working too... READ MORE

Do I Have Pollybeak and Can It Be Fixed if I Have Thick Skin?

I had an open rhinoplasty in 2005 and have disliked my tip ever since. After reading about pollybeak online, I believe that's what I have. I knew it... READ MORE

Tip Larger Than Before Rhinoplasty

12 days ago i had open rhinoplsaty surgery to remove hump and ever so slighty refine the tip, the bridge looks nice except my tip is enormous! i still... READ MORE

My Case: Open Rhinoplasty 15 Month Ago, Crooked Nose, Deviation? (photo)

I have seen a otolaryngologist which confirmed a small deviation on my right side. I want to know: what is the best procedure in this case? It seems... READ MORE

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