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Is It Possible to Contour One Side of Nose Cartilage While Maintaining a 'Blended Look'? (photo)

Opinions: 1st plastic surgeon wants to graft cartilage to make the more contoured side fuller, fix my deviated septum which everyone has said is why... READ MORE

Botched? My nostrils are uneven and my nose looks artificial. I'm not sure if it's the swelling. Do I need a revision? (Photo)

I had a rhinoplasty about 4 weeks ago & I have several problems. I removed my bandages & am not pleased with the results. I'm not sure if it's because... READ MORE

Did I Ruin my Nose Contour After my Rhinoplasty?

Hi.i had a rhinoplasty 2 weeks ago and the day i got my cast off i continously squeezed on the side of my nostril which left a flat indent. i thought... READ MORE

How much can Rhinoplasty make a difference on my face? (photos)

I am considering rhinoplasty and would like to know how much it would cost and what would need to be done...I have a wide nose, I am a Latina, and I... READ MORE

13 days post-operation (rhinoplasty). Can I apply makeup on my nose?

13 days post-operation (rhinoplasty) Can i apply make up on my nose and contour it since it is very swollen and i have to go to work. READ MORE

6 months post-op of Rhinoplasty. I have alar rim contour/retraction problem. Will it even out naturally by healing? (photos)

I am 6 post-op (primary closed rhinoplasty). Pleased with results, except the alar rim form. It is almost a retracted. I want a soft natural... READ MORE

Why do I have a "contour" on my dorsum, it's visible after open rhino? Will it go away? (photo)

I had open rhino about 1 month & a week 1/2 ago and I'm starting to notice mostly on my left side a Line going down on both sides. I hate it, looks... READ MORE

How do you fix a small nose with a bulbous tip? (Photo)

I'm considering rhinoplasty because contouring doesn't help my nose. When light shines on my nose, the light breaks when it transitions from my bridge... READ MORE

Can pushing/ press pressure on the side of your nose 10 days after Rhinoplasty harm final result?Cast off 7 days post op.(photo)

3 days after cast removal, when I peeled off tape, nose skin was lifted and I freaked out and pushed side of nose to settle skin to bone. not too hard... READ MORE

Can my rhinoplasty look similar to this? Is it difficult to reduce the size of my nostrils? (Photo)

I want my nose slimmer and my tip contoured!! It is flat and wide and points down. Do I have a wide bridge?? And is reducing the size of nostrils very... READ MORE

Need procedural recommendations for face contouring, cheek reduction, nose alteration. Cost estimates appreciated! (Photo)

Looking to make my face more symmetrical, feminine, and defined. Problems with cheek fat, smile tilting up on one side, uneven depth, etc. I would... READ MORE

Can radix temporal fascia grafts be modified without removal?

My graft is potruding on one side. It would be great to be able to remove the excess. Can this be safely done without worrying about the same contour... READ MORE

Full thickness skin graft on my upper nasal dorsum is raised. Is there anything I can do to improve the contour? (Photo)

I recieved a FTSG on my upper nasal dorsum 4 months ago. The texture is very porus and it is healing slightly raised, is there anything I can have... READ MORE

Asymmetry of the nostrils post rhino and uneven swelling and contouring of right to left results of the nose is extremely off.

Please tell me what I can I do to get some charactertics back of my old tip projection to hide nostril asymmetry and smile in tip...the "m"like shape... READ MORE

If I were to get rhinoplasty to fix my bulbous tip, would this surgery affect the sound of my voice? (Photo)

I am a singer and I've always hated the tip of my nose. I don't leave the house without contouring it, that's how insecure I am of it. Even in my... READ MORE

How much do spreader grafts cost in Australia? Who does them?

I'm thinking about getting spreader grafts to improve the contour between my brows/upper nose READ MORE

Bulbous upturned nose? Is it possible to get it to look exactly how it looks contoured? (photos)

I really really hate my nose. I hate how it's in the very center of my face and I've been self conscious about it for the longest time.. I was... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty after lefort 1.

I have had a lefort 1 for an underbite a month ago. My nose is now shorter and pig looking , the definition on my nose has all been shaved down. I... READ MORE

Is Rhinoplasty a good option for me? (photos)

I've been interested in getting a nose job for several years now. I feel it's too big for my face and I dislike the hump. I use make up techniques... READ MORE

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