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How Long from Consult to Surgery for a Rhinoplasty?

I have been considering a rhinoplasty for the past ten years, and finally have the means (and the bravery!) to go for it. As such, I'm ready to do... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty Questions You Must Ask a Doctor in a Consultation

What questions should be asked in a rhinoplasty consultation READ MORE

Time Between Rhinoplasty Consultation and Surgery?

Most doctors I'm looking at are out of town.How long after a consultation does one have to wait to have the rhinoplasty surgery? READ MORE

Should I Bring Pictures of Desired Noses to Rhinoplasty Consultation?

Hello, I was considering having a rhinoplasty procedure, but had some questions concerning it. I have read up on this for almost a year, but this... READ MORE

How Much Would a Small Implant for Nose Tip Cost?

After years of staring at my profile in the mirror I have come to the conclusion that what I need is not surgery to remove a bump in my bridge, but a... READ MORE

When to Schedule an Appointment to Book a Rhinoplasty for the Summer?

I have only a narrow window in work schedule to have a rhinoplasty, so I wonder when should I have a consultation to book a surgery for June ? (how... READ MORE

I'm 17…what would the cost of a Rhinoplasty consultation with a plastic surgeon be?

I was wondering if, being 17, it would be possible to have an appointment with a plastic surgeon to talk about my nose. Would my parents have to know... READ MORE

Best Way to Evaluate Crooked Nose?

4 years ago I got a headbutt from a drunk person leaving me with a crooked nose. I had surgery to fix this( doctor,no specialist regarding plastic... READ MORE

Overwhelmed After my Nose Job Consults

Ok ive had 2 rhinoplasty consults: 2 questions 1. md#1 says he must intubate me md#2 says he will not intubate me (iv sedation) so is it best to be... READ MORE

Do Doctors Usually Refuse Your Request for a Nose Job?

So, I have really been considering getting a nose job for a long time now. I consider my nose to be crooked/leaning to one side, it has a bump in the... READ MORE

Is It a Red Flag if a Surgeon Does Not Use Digital Imaging?

I've had a consultation with a well-regarded surgeon for a rhinoplasty, but he doesn't use digital imaging. Should I be concerned? Do most plastic... READ MORE

Should I Be Concerned if the Doctor Has No Nurses?

I am considering getting Rhinoplasty. When I went to visit with the facial surgeon I was told that he doesn't have any nurses on staff. Does this... READ MORE

My nose is wide and flat, and I want it to look more European. What changes are necessary for a nose that suits me? (Photo)

Hi there! First I'd like to thank this website and the contributing doctors for helping people improve their self-satisfaction :D you all are changing... READ MORE

Is it Encouraged to Bring Photos of Noses I Like to a Consultation for Rhinoplasty?

Hi, I am going for a primary consultation for rhinoplasty. Is it frowned upon to bring photos of noses I like to a consult? Obviously, it is not going... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty question: Can I possibly attain this Kim Kardashian nose? Size and shape-wise?

I have a consultation with Dr. Khorsandi here in Las Vegas and I'm going to be showing him these images because this would be the ideal nose if I can... READ MORE

How Do I Explain What I Want Done for my Nose to Look a Bit More Like This Girl's? (photo)

I know you can't get it exactly the same but I'd like it to look similar. I know she also got plastic surgery too. Can you explain to me what... READ MORE

I'm Going in for a Rhinoplasty Consult. Is It Encouraged to Bring in Altered Photos of my Nose? (photo)

I found a plastic surgeons website where you can change the shape of your nose. Surprisingly, it looks amazing, to me, and want an opinion on whether... READ MORE

Bulbous Nose - Online Consult - Computer Imaging..? (photo)

Dear all, My name is Mohammed, 25 years & from Holland. I have been consider Rhinoplasty for a few years, and I was wondering If there are doctors... READ MORE

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