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Less Noticeable Swelling from Closed Rhinoplasty?

Is rhinoplasty swelling really noticable after two months if I have a closed procedure and a defatting of the nasal tip? My procedure is really to... READ MORE

Why Does One Side of my Nose Appear Caved in and Flat?

My left side appears flat and it's giving the illusion of having a cleft lip appearance, I don't know if this is normal or not? I know I'm 2 and a... READ MORE

Will my nose significantly shrink after rhinoplasty, especially the bone in the root area? (photo)

I took my cast off 5 days ago.I didn't have big issues with my nose, just strong bone in the root. The doctor said he made the nose REALLY small,but... READ MORE

Can men have concave profiles in rhinoplasty? Or do all men have to have a convex profile?

Can men have concave profiles in rhinoplasty ? or do all men have to have a convex profile READ MORE

What procedures correct concave nose tissue? (photos)

Cosmetic Professionals, The last 2 years I have seen one side of my nose change a little. In side photo there is a bunching of cartilage tissue and... READ MORE

Is this an upper lateral cartilage collapse, if so what are my options?

The right side of my nose or your left seems a bit concave from different angles and by touch. I recieved an elbow to my nose several times when I was... READ MORE

Had Rhinoplasty Around a Month Ago, I Believe to Much of my Dorsal Hump Was Removed? Possible to Get It Back?

Hello, recently i had a septorrhinoplasty, it was really deviated. is it possible to somehow get a small dorsal hump back, my nose i believe was made... READ MORE

Do I Need More of a Change? (photo)

I need my nose straightened, remove my bump & possibly fix the concave nostril with a graft. I saw a surgeon & he thought my nose would still... READ MORE

Nose Job and Chin Surgery? (photo)

So I was thinking I would get a nose job: shave down the dorsal hump, and fix the drooping tip. Also at the top of my nose, there is a bit of a... READ MORE

What are the pros and cons of a Rhinoplasty?

I've always wanted to get my nose done as I feel it's very pointy and straight and I would like a slight concave slope which will soften my face. I'm... READ MORE

Odd Feelings in Nose, and Nostril Caving in?

I had surgery last month, but I still feel strange sensations in my nose. Often times during the day it will feel tingly, and as if there is pressure... READ MORE

Any suggestions on changing a nose bridge to make it look concave and estimated price?

My nose is almost straight, it just has a slight hump that is noticeable when payed attention to, is it possible to make my nose look more concave... READ MORE

Can swelling of the nose hide how curved (concave?) your nose is after rhinoplasty? (Photo)

I had rhinoplasty done exactly two weeks ago. Looking at the photo I have attached my nose was very similiar in shape to the nose in the photo on the... READ MORE

Is it possible to change it significantly to have a very concave shaped nose and also have the tip raised significantly? (photo)

It is in feminine, I have a deviated septum, it is not straight either. there is a big dorsal hump, bulbous tip, wide nostrils, large for my features... READ MORE

What do I need to get done to my nose? (Photo)

Im 17 and have hated my nose for a long time now, when i was taking photos i noticed one side of the tip of my nostril is a bit concaved compared to... READ MORE

Asymmetrical concave after nose filler. Can it be fixed? (Photo)

I had a nose job about a month and half ago and just had fillers done a few days ago. The swelling seems to be all gone. But now I can see and feel... READ MORE

Do I have a saddle deformity or polly beak deformity following Rhinoplasty? (photos)

Had primary rhinoplasty 1 yr 5 mo. ago. Bridge is slightly concave and nasal spine area recessed and lots of supratip fullness, even after 2 kenalog... READ MORE

What techniques can be used to help me with my issues after Rhinoplasty? (photos)

I got rhinoplasty 10 months ago. On frontal view I have a depression on my right side above my tip. It is like my ULC is bulging inward there. When I... READ MORE

Steroid shot for swollen nose? (Photo)

I had some cartillage removed from my nose on the left side in August.. Now the left side is super puffy and sticks out, where as the right side is... READ MORE

Nasal Valve Concavity/Pinched tip. What is the best approach to fix these issues? (Photo)

Unfortunately, as a result of my first and only rhinoplasty my doctor was unable to maintain a natural appearance or proper functionality. I now have... READ MORE

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