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Can the Doctor Give Me an Idea of What my Nose Will Look Like After Surgery?

I have a bump in my nose. Is there is anyway for the doctor to show me either digitally or pictures of another nose so I have an idea of what it will... READ MORE

How Accurate is Digital Imagery when Considering Rhinoplasty?

How accurate is digital imagery when considering Rhinoplasty? Also, is digital imagery available in the UK, or is it rather rare to find a clinic... READ MORE

How Can I Avoid a Bad Rhinoplasty? (photo)

Hello everybody, I'm thinking about going ahead with rhinoplasty but i have certain fears about the results. I found a girl with a nose and face shape... READ MORE

Is There a Website That Allows You to Try at Home a Digital Morph of Your Nose?

Is There a Website That Allows You to Try at Home a Digital Morph of Your Nose? READ MORE

Bulbous Nose - Online Consult - Computer Imaging..? (photo)

Dear all, My name is Mohammed, 25 years & from Holland. I have been consider Rhinoplasty for a few years, and I was wondering If there are doctors... READ MORE

My Nose Before, Imaging and After - Can I Achieve This ? (photo)

I Feel I can get the look I want with doing alarplasty to bring my nostrils in and tip ref, with possibly adding a graft etc. to give me more of a... READ MORE

Can Doctors Pull Up a Computer Animated Drawing to Show Different Result Options?

I want to get a Rhinoplasty, but my parents want to see a computerized image of how my nose will look like after the procedure. I've gone to 2 doctors... READ MORE

Would I Be Able to Pick a Celeb's Nose and if So Would I Be Able to See if It Suits Me Via Computer Images ?

Having looked at before and after rhinoplasty images , I can see why people were having work done on their noses. However if I wanted to look... READ MORE

Is it good to get a rhinoplasty done by a doctor that uses computer imaging than one does not?

I have been reading dr in tx that uses this technology in the surgery room. is it necessary to get an optimum out come with out it? READ MORE

Advise for nose expectations? (photo)

Just wondering if anyone can give me advise. I went for my second consultation yesterday and he said the skin on my nose is too thick and he wouldn't... READ MORE

Is it possible to make my nose like this computer image I created and what would be necessary to make it so? (Photo)

So I used a beauty app to make my nose smaller. The app seemed to just decrease the width of my tip while leaving my nostrils the same. I like how... READ MORE

I'm alright at photoshop - I was wondering if the attached results are in the realms of possibility? (Photo)

As I've grown (from my mid teens into my early 20s) my nose seems to have slid off to one side a little, and it seems to have excess cartilage. The... READ MORE

Been considering a rhinoplasty. I would like computer imaging to be sure. (Photo)

Dear all, My name is Lusi , 23years & from the US. I have been considering a Rhinoplasty for a few years, and I was wondering if there are doctors... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty surgeons who don't use computer imaging. Should I be concerned?

I find it peculiar that many surgeons do not take on the fine art of computer imaging. One doctor even said it produces unrealistic results lol.... READ MORE

Is this realistic and proportional? (Photo)

I was messing around with some morph tools to get a better idea of what I want. I fear of looking unnatural. Opinions? READ MORE

Had a rhinoplasty consultation with imaging. How does this look? Was hoping for a button nose. (photo)

I've always felt that I have a very over-projected nose. I finally had a consultation, and the surgeon told me that this (see picture) is the smallest... READ MORE

Morphing images with rhinoplasty? (Photo)

Do most surgeons utilize morphing technology to provide patients with an idea of what the new nose may look like? I had a consultation last week, and... READ MORE

16 days post op, and nose looks ok but nothing like computer projected "after", is it just swelling? (photos)

Hello Dr's, and thank you for your time. I know it's early. I know it takes months to years to see final results. However, I can't imagine it'll... READ MORE

Closed rhinoplasty. Is this result possible for me? (Photo)

I've been to various surgeons who have suggested different ways of rhinoplasty. Next week I'm booked in to have a closed rhinoplasty. The doctor I saw... READ MORE

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