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After Rhinoplasty is It Common to Have Breathing Problems?

I am considering Rhinoplasty, but I've heard that it often causes trouble breathing afterwards. Is this true? READ MORE

Uneven Nostrils and Leaning Nose After Rhinoplasty?

I am almost 5 months post-op and my nostrils are still uneven and do not seem to be evening out. I am unhappy with it and am wondering what could have... READ MORE

What Are the Chances of Rhinoplasty Going Wrong?

As in, permanent scarring, infection, rot, nose collapse, deformation, death, etc. READ MORE

Rhinoplasty--Seems Like a Lot of People Regret Having This Procedure

Do you think thats because more dissatisfied patients review to "warn' others? It makes me wonder how often people are truly happy with the... READ MORE

Chances of Scar Tissue and Other Complications from Rhinoplasty?

Hi, I was wondering what the chances are of scar tissue build up and other complications after Rhinoplasty. I have heard several stories of... READ MORE

How common is death during Rhinoplasty surgery? (photo)

I am 14 years old and getting a MINOR nose job I am not nervous at all right now but come the day before surgery I know that will totally change I... READ MORE

Can Heavy Lifting and Drinking Alcohol Permanently Ruin Rhinoplasty Results?

I had my first rhinoplasty last year. My doctor said I could resume heavy weight lifting after 2 weeks so I did but I noticed minor nasal swelling.... READ MORE

Are There Less Possible Complications with Tiplasty Vs. Full Rhinoplasty?

If I just want to upturn the tip and all I need is a graft to add support to tip, is there less chance for complicatoins (crooked tip, uneven... READ MORE

Two Years Post-op Rhinoplasty - Possible Complication / Infection?

I had rhinoplasty two years ago. One of the incisions over the past 2 years would occasionally get a little red and then it would go away. This last... READ MORE

Breathing Problems After Rhinoplasty Surgery

I had a rhinoplasty done just after I turned 16 (I'm 26 now) and have always been pleased with the look of my nose. However, I have also had major... READ MORE

Rasping the Sides of the Nose?

I have bumps post rhinoplasty on both sides of my nose ( 2years ago) and was wanting to get them rasped down. I am pretty sure they are located on the... READ MORE

Complications from Second Rhinoplasty to Thin the Nose?

I had a closed rhinoplasty in 2008 to remove the hump. Now, I think my nose looks too bulbous and wide. I'm considering having a second rhinoplasty to... READ MORE

Medpor Implant for Nasal Reconstruction?

I was operated for deviated septum 6yrs back (Septoplasty) but after few days I had a nasal collapse. After 1 year, a plastic surgeon had placed a... READ MORE

Is Rhinoplasty Complicated Greatly After Prior Septoplasty?

I want to get the bump taken out of the bridge of my nose, however, if the top of the nose is slimmer, I feel it may need reshaped a little at the... READ MORE

Crying After Rhinoplasty

My boyfriend made me cry right after I got home from my rhinoplasty. How will this affect my outcome and what can I do to minimize damage? READ MORE

Nose Movement and Clicking After Rhinoplasty and Septoplasty

I am now 3 and a half weeks post op from a septoplasty/rhinoplasty. One week ago I was looking at something in my right nostril and felt something... READ MORE

Can Vigorous Physical Activity After Rhinoplasty Cause Complications?

Can vigorous physical exercise lead to abnormal scar tissue formation or swelling? After 8 months, can I now do vigorous physical activity without... READ MORE

Is It Still Possible for Dramatic Improvements 5 Months Post Rhinoplasty?

My open rhinoplasty was done 5 months ago. My nose was broken to straighten it,and had a small hump chiselled down. He told me that my nose looked too... READ MORE

Excessive Bleeding 4 Days Post Rhinoplasty-can It Affect the Final Result?

5days ago I had quite extensive rhinoplaty(osteotomy+correction of nasal septum. There was more work done on the left side of the nose since I damaged... READ MORE

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