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My face is asymmetrical. My nose slants to the right, the tip looks twisted and I have a dorsal hump. How can I fix this?(photo)

I'm 18. My smile and cheek bones are more defined on my left side. On the right side it seems I either have excess fat or skin, making me look chubby... READ MORE

Does the Height of the Nasal Dorsum Have a Relationship with Cheekbones?

My nasal dorsum is quite high relative to the nasi on and tip. If the elevation of my dorsum is brought down will that affect how the cheekbones look... READ MORE

Swelling and pain in left cheek bones and jaw after Septo/rhinoplasty, normal? (Photo)

I'm on day three after my septo/rhinoplasty and swelling is moving from nose & eyes down to my jaw & I'm having pain in my cheek bones. Should I be... READ MORE

Megan good is a BEAUTIFUL WOMAN. Could I have a nose like hers? (Photo)

I always wanted her nose and cheekbones is it possible to get a nose that is VERY similar? I am African american and my nostrils are more flared slightly. READ MORE

I hate my face. It makes me look like a baby and carries fat. Would a nose job and chin implant help? (Photo)

My face is way smaller than it should be and has been bugging me for years. I see asymmetry, a crocked nose, a small chin, a double chin, no cheek... READ MORE

I Am 3 Weeks Post Op Rhinoplasty, my Niece Hit Me on the Right Cheek Which Hurt?

My surgeon has done a lot of nose narrowing. I was wondering if i had done some damage to my final result ? please I am very worried READ MORE

Nasal Reduction, Buccal Fat Removal and Chin Augumentation? (photo)

I desire to have a bridge and smaller nostrils, cheekbones with a more defined looking jawline. I want a more balanced look, more feminine, is this... READ MORE

Specific surgery to make my nose look like this? (Photo)

I have a polish friend who i think looks absolutely beautiful. her nose really makes me jealous and i really want to have a nose like hers or... READ MORE

Question Regarding [Australian] Private Health Insurance Cover for Bimaxillary Osteotomy Surgery & Open Rhinoplasty

I have hemifacial microsomia affecting the right side of my face. I have been told that the surgeries required are, firstly, a bimaxillary osteotomy,... READ MORE

I want a nose job and perhaps another surgery to I'm prove facial definition. What procedure would you recommend? (photos)

More just a nose job I broke it 6 Years ago. I have reached my 20's my nose has changed,it is bigger and I notice it in pictures from side or... READ MORE

Can I get closed rhinoplasty to avoid the risk of visible scars? My nose is too wide & not in proportion with eyes (Photo)

I'd like to slim it but retain the shape and character of my nose. Is this possible? Also, when I'll smile, will it look as natural as before flaring... READ MORE

How can my nose be straightened in this difficult situation? (photo)

Surgeon A said he would need to break my nose to straighten it and this would cause a slight gap in my cheekbone on one side which can be felt but not... READ MORE

I now know I have diced cartilage in alar rims and crushed in tip. Also cartilage under one side of upper wall of bridge.

Bridge is too high, nose sticks out too far from my face, alar rims have made my nostrils lose all natural flair, which I liked. I naturally have a... READ MORE

What can be done so that my nose won't take up so much of my face? (photos)

Are multiple procedures needed for a smaller bridge? Rib grafting? Chin implant? I'm also hoping that w the nose job that my face won't look as long.... READ MORE

What changes do I need to attain my ideal face? (Photo)

I am very unhappy with my current facial profile. It appears too generic and my eyes and nose looks terrible. I also have rounded bones and cheekbones... READ MORE

Could septo rhinoplasty and orthgnatic jaw surgery fix my uneven face and cheekbones? (Photo)

My cheekbone on the right side of my face is higher than the other, my nose is also big and has a noticeable bump, on top of that I have a deviated... READ MORE

How much should I have to pay for my surgeries, and should I expect to pay more than $10,000? (Photo)

I want to get a nose job and lip reduction how much would that cost to get at once? And would I have to get anything else to make my face look... READ MORE

How could I get a softer, more feminine look? (Photo)

I feel i have such a rough look i think is my nose is so big and wide i hate it what can i change to make me look softer more femenine? (Photo... READ MORE

Caucasian features? (photos)

I'm an 18 yo male and,racially Caucasian but the older I got the less Caucasian I looked my nose became big and bumped and crooked, my cheek bones are... READ MORE

What can I do to fix facial asymmetry and nose? (Photo)

It seems as if one wrong thing may be exaggerating effects of the others. One side looks longer than the other, more upfront and a different angle.... READ MORE

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