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What can I do to make my side profile look better? (Photo)

From the front, I look normal besides a little chubbiness in the cheeks even though I am not chubby at all. From the side profile I have no self... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Make a Nose Longer (Upwards and Downwards Direction Not Outwards)?

I have a short button nose and I feel like there's a pretty big space between the bottom of my nose and the top of my lips. Is it possible to make the... READ MORE

Can Rhinoplastic Surgeons Create a Small 'Button' Nose? (photo)

The small 'button' noses that are seen on most models- can rhinoplastic surgeons create these shape noses from a nose that is a little longer... READ MORE

Can a High Nose Bridge Be Turned into More of a Button Nose? (photo)

I have a thin, pointy nose that I hate with all of my heart. It looks out of place on my face, I would do anything to get a better looking nose. My... READ MORE

How Do I Change the Look of my Button Nose?

I really want a smaller nose with a soft tip. Recently, I went to Bangkok for a consultation to a few surgeons. They mentioned that they can insert... READ MORE

I Have a Skinny Straight Nose and I Would Like to Change the Shape into a Button Nose is It Realistic? (Photo)

I want to change my nose into a button nose because when i smile, my nose turns pointy, kind of like a beak. My bone structure on my nose is skinny... READ MORE

Can I Get a Button Nose with Plastic Surgery?

I have a round tip with a straight bridge. The tip of my nose kind of slopes down, I'd like it to be more turned up. I'm able to achieve the look I... READ MORE

Is there way to get rid of the ball at end of my nose and make look long and slender? I've never seen a nose like mine before.

I've always felt self conscious about my nose to point where makes me feel ugly. I have terrible profile and looks like button from front. I've wanted... READ MORE

Will the "Button Nose" Look of my Nose Go Away when Swelling Subsides?

I am 5 days post op and got my cast off today. I KNOW that swelling is still present and I'm suppose to be patient but I feel like my nostrils are... READ MORE

Is there a way to change a button nose into a straight, sharp one? (photos)

I've always been really self-conscious of my nose. It's round and small and kind of pig-like, and it looks like it belongs on someone 12 years younger... READ MORE

Is my Nose Big Enough to Make a Rhinoplasty Worth It?

I'm completely willing to pay, it's just that I'm not sure rhinoplasty will make much of a difference on my nose. I would really like a button nose;... READ MORE

What should I do to get the perfect button nose for my face? (photos)

I hate how much of a "slope" my nose has. My boyfriend always calls me pointy nose and I was told growing i have a turned up nose like a pig... I just... READ MORE

How to improve my side profile? (photos)

My side profile has always made me feel insecure, not only that I feel when I capture different angles of my nose I don't particularly like it. Ive... READ MORE

My Arrow Nose into a cute button nose? (Photo)

I have a love hate relationship w/my nose, I love my nose when I smile (no teeth) and when i am not smiling, but when i laugh, smile to hard (i love... READ MORE

I have a 3mm nasal perforation in the anterior of my nose. Can a nasal button help me? If not what can stop the whistling?

I have a septal perforation most likely from use of nasal steroids. The hole is in the anterior of the nose and small: 3mm. It causes constant... READ MORE

What can I have done to my side profile to help me look "normal"?

From the front, I look normal besides a little chubbiness in the cheeks even though I am not chubby at all. From the side profile I have no self... READ MORE

Will my button nose change or do I need rhinoplasty?

I am 15. I was a late bloomer in puberty. I hit my growth spurt about four months after I turned 15. So, i am still getting taller. My nose is... READ MORE

Button-like nose through Rhinoplasty? (photos)

I've always really hated my nose. It's big, the bridge seems too high, a bulbous tip that points downwards and my nostrils seem too long/big. I've... READ MORE

With the right doctor, are my rhinoplasty goals achievable? (Photo)

I understand that it will not come out 100% perfect nor identical to my reference photo, but with the right doctor, can it be similar? My goal is... READ MORE

Does anyone know any good rhinoplasty surgeons who have experience doing barbie/button noses? (photos)

I've had surgery before and am still not happy because the surgeon was too conservative. I want an extra short slightly piggish, sloped upturned nose... READ MORE

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