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Buccal Fat Vs Midface Lift Vs Fat Transfer Rhinoplasty

I want to do something about my face. I Don't know what. Should I get buccal fat removal and fat transfer or, a mid facelift? I had big cheeks as... READ MORE

Is a rhinoplasty and buccal fat removal realistic/good option? (Photo)

I am bothered that my nose is wide and when I smile the wide tip is accentuated, also on my profile my tip looks big and rounded, I wish it was more... READ MORE

Do I need rhinoplasty or is buccal fat removal on the cheek enough to balance my face out and make it more proportional? (Photo)

I feel like my nose is also big for my face. At times I like the way it looks in pictures and in many others I hate it. I feel as if I thin my face,... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty, chin implant, and buccal fat reduction?

How much would getting all these procedures done at once cost? I live in the Chicago area. What raises the cost of these procedures from the "regular"... READ MORE

Is it overload for a doctor to complete all procedures below in one session while patient is under anesthesia?

Is it overload for a doctor to complete all below in one session. My biggest concern is overloading the doctor since my main goal is a well done... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty, buccal fat removal? (Photo)

27 years old Mexican guy. I've never been happy with the shape of my nose and fat cheeks. I'm gonna get married next year and I just want to look the... READ MORE

Facial Surgery Questions. Will the following procedures be appropriate for me? (Photo)

Hi, I feel my face is not pretty enough, not sure if the following procedures may or may not be appropriate, or if weight loss may be sufficient to... READ MORE

Any good face experts/surgeons in Dominican Republic? (Photo)

I am looking to get rhinoplasty , lip injections or permalip, buccal fat removal and breast augmentation at the same time, can someone tell me any... READ MORE

Before and after realistic? Rhinoplasty, buccal fat pad removal, neck liposuction, chin lipo. (photos)

And lip augmentation and chin implants. I considering having surgery soon, Is this before and after with computer imaging very realistic with... READ MORE

I want a nose job but just my tip but not sure how I want it to be shaped. And I also want Buccal fat removal (Photos)

I've wanted a nose job since I was 13, I'm now 26 and I've always put it off because it's such a big decision to make. But I'm so unhappy I hate... READ MORE

I like my nose in some photos but I hate closeups. What would you do to my nose? (Photo)

I feel like I need to refine my tip but I get scared of ending up with a pointy squeezed nose. I would like to have a better version of my nose, just... READ MORE

Which procedures should I take first and last?

I want rhinoplasty, buccal fat removal, veneers, and lip injection (only my upper lip). Which procedures should I get first and last? READ MORE

Rhinoplasty or buccal fat removal? (Photo)

I am a cis gendered woman with a masculine face. Would rhinoplasty or buccal fat removal make me look more feminine? READ MORE

Rhinoplasty and chin Implants, would buccal fat removal help? (photos)

I have decided to go for a rhinoplasty and chin implants, but I have always hated my side view as you can see from the photo's. It's chubby and lacks... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty and Buccal Fat Removal (Photo)

My face has always had a little extra fat on the cheeks so I wanted to see what procedures would be best suited for me to slim down and tone my face.... READ MORE

Buccal Fat Remova /Rhinoplasty.

Hi, I'm considering a nose job to slim my nose some & buccal fat removal. Looking for an amazing Miami facial Doctor! Can exercise slim my face... READ MORE

Multiple procedures, what do you recommend? (Photo)

I am a young femail and I'm looking for a professional opinnion of what procedures could benefit my appearance. I have been thinking about a... READ MORE

Would rhinoplasty and lip fillers help my wonky nose and lips? (photo)

My septum is very wonky and my lips are uneven and lip when I smile. Would you recommend surgery to fix them? My cheeks are also very chubby, would... READ MORE

Swelling after surgery - 1 day post op, multiple procedures. (photos)

Just had a rhinoplasty, chin implant, buccal fat removal, chin liposuction and fat transfer to jaw and cheek a day ago, face is very swollen. How many... READ MORE

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