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Brow Tip Aesthetic Line?

I am 2 weeks post rhinoplasty. I asked my doctor to give me a straight brow tip aesthetic line as mine was not a continuous curve and was bony in the... READ MORE

Brow Tip Aesthetic Lines Are Not Symmetrical. Could It Still Change After Almost 5 Months Post-rhinoplasty?

I'm a male almost 5 months post-surgery. I had osteotomies to narrow the upper nose and a small hump removed. How much time or how many months after... READ MORE

How much can you change your nose profile with rhinoplasty? (photo)

I feel that my nose is projected too much and is too pointy and my brow bone is too big, do you think it is even possible to change my profile this... READ MORE

Is it pointless to get a nose job at age 35?

I'm 35 y/o (f) and have desperately wanted a 'nose job' since I was 11. I have a flat face and my nose stands very high. Although, from the front, I... READ MORE

Can you tell me more about brow bone shaving and rhinoplasty combined in one surgery?

I have a prominent brow and nose. I am a female and I think I will look much more appealing with a softer look. I was wanting to know more about the... READ MORE

Straight or curved nose? (photos)

I need a nose job and chin implant. For the nose job I'm wondering if you think my nose should be straight or scooped (curved)? I posted some pics... READ MORE

Brow lift, nose implant, and chin implant? (Photo)

Hello, I am 30 years old, half Filipino & half Irish. I recently had a consultation with a doctor here in LA for a brow lift & rhinoplasty. My goal is... READ MORE

Ways to fix an asymmetrical face? (photos)

One side of my face is more narrow and flat than the other side, which I guess you can clearly see from the pictures. And my nose slants downwards on... READ MORE

What changes do I need on my face? (Photo)

Please tell me what surgery I need on my face I know I need a nose job , lips bigger maybe browlift? Please be honest what I need done thanx ! READ MORE

I am unhappy with my nose and the way my brow has sagged. Any suggestions? (photos)

I feel my nose is to large for my face and I am unhappy with the crook in it. Can this be fixed in one procedure or will I need multiple. Also what do... READ MORE

What can be done for me? How drastically can surgery improve my looks? Are the sketches I uploaded possible to achieve? (Photo)

I have a rather flat face, and I'm looking to change that. My question is, how much of a change can be achieved through plastic surgery? I've sketched... READ MORE

Brow bone + nasal root/radix reduction for an improved profile? (Photo)

I have a prominent brow bone, steep forehead, deep+wide set eyes and bony nose dorsum. In profile, I find the inclination of my nose too vertical and... READ MORE

Is there any way I would be able to have a nose job, lip and cheek fillers, and a brow lift to look more like Hrush? (Photo)

I know it's not possible to look exactly like her but to look more like her would be a dream come true. Of course she's wearing lots of makeup and I... READ MORE

How soon after rhinoplasty plus eyelid and brow lifts can I hike at elevations of 11,000-15,000 feet?

I am a fairly fit 50 year old female with no medical conditions, am not overweight and I maintain a very healthy diet. On March 3rd, I had rhinoplasty... READ MORE

How much do spreader grafts cost in Australia? Who does them?

I'm thinking about getting spreader grafts to improve the contour between my brows/upper nose READ MORE

How long should I wait after a closed rhinoplasty to get 3D brows? (semi permanent using a micro blade to tattoo eyebrows)

Hello, I had a closed rhinoplasty and it's been 5 days since my cast was removed. I am considering getting 3D eyebrow embroidery to my eyebrows... READ MORE

Multiple procedures, what do you recommend? (Photo)

I am a young femail and I'm looking for a professional opinnion of what procedures could benefit my appearance. I have been thinking about a... READ MORE

What would be required to make my nasal bridge and brow connect more smoothly, and how much might it cost approximately?

I have a very slightly prominent brow which also seems to be made worse by the nasal bridge, creasing where they meet. My goal is to get this to a... READ MORE

Can anyone tell me more about having two procedures done at once?

I want to have a brow bone reduction as well as rhinoplasty. READ MORE

Multiple cosmetic surgeries, a transformation. Are there other surgeries that you think would benefit me? (Photo)

I am a young female and I would like some surgery advice and opinnions. And I do know and understand that a picture is different than reality so I... READ MORE

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